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    Okay here we go…….. Is there any good advice I could get on this problem would greatly be appreciated! I have a 2011 Fat Bob with 44k on it. The problem is the red security key light (Security Lamp) stays
    on all the time while it’s running and (Neutral Lamp) doesn’t light up if I’m in neutral. This happen, directly after riding thru a rain storm, live in Florida and it rains buckets. Naturally my HD warranty ran out this last April. In the mean time I have bought the electrical diagnostic manual to add as supplement to service manual. B1143 (Security antenna short-to-ground) Note : Just fixed this found the jumper lead to antenna was pinched or crushed had two bad wires out of three, cut, replaced and soldered wires for that fix, B1143 code has been eliminated .
    B1155 is still kicking my butt (Neutral switch short to ground) is the code I’m still getting. Has anyone experienced any of the same problems due to rain?
    VR ……………….Hank
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    You didn't say if the neutral light is working. Is it stuck on all the time,, never comes on,, or works like it should.

    I would disconnect both wires going to the neutral safety switch. Then clear the TSSM of codes and test ride the bike. Does the B1155 code come back and set?
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    You would be wise to follow Hoople's advice as there's none better when it comes to electrical problems on a Harley. Please post back if that fixed your problem so others might learn what the problem was.