Auxiliary Lights on 09 Street Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SG-rider, Feb 17, 2009.

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    I want to install the auxiliary light brackets on my new SG, my dealer is telling me that I do not need to order the Custom Passing Lamp Bracket Turn Signal Kit (part number 69228-04) because I already have bullet turn signals. Can some who has added these passing lights to their bike please tell me what I need to order. I think I need parts 69818-06 (bracket) plus 68348-05 (reflectors/bulbs) plus 69228-04 (turn signal kit).
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    Welcome to the forum! I noticed that none of the part numbers you gave are specific to your model year .When you went on the HD web-site did you enter your model year? I find the site is really good that way as it is easy to break down what accessories have changed slightly in what other parts they need or don't need:s
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    Product ID: 69228-04
    Add your choice of Bullet Style Turn Signals to the Custom Passing Lamp Bracket. Select from amber, clear, or smoked lens turn signal kits to complement your custom direction. Kit includes left and right bullet turn signal housing, two lenses, and two front bulbs.

    Smoked Lens and Amber Bulb

    Fits '94-later FLHR and '97-later FLHT (including FLHTCUTG) and FLHX models equipped with Custom Auxiliary Lighting Bracket Kits.

    This product is available in multiple variations. Be sure to look for the one that fits the specific model and year of your motorcycle.
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    Dealer is correct. You already have the correct turn signals.
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    Thanks to everyone who replied, it was great. So I am now installing the auxiliary lights myself, everything is going well, but for one thing that is not clear in the instructions.

    The grey/black wire that comes from each of the auxiliary lamps I assume I put into slot 4 of the right and left 4 prong connectors originally for the right and left directional lights? I plan to wire the yellow from the Spot switch to the "in" side of the Auxiliary switch (orange/red wire) so that my auxiliary lamps are on all the time. Everything else is plug and play. Just does not say specifically to add the grey/black wire to those connectors.
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    You are right with the black/gray wire it goes to turn signal clip . Not in instructions