Aux Input for Harmon Kardon Harley Davidson Advanced Audio System

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  1. dolce

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    Hopefully someone can give me some advice on connecting my iPhone to my 2011 FLHTK in a better way than I currently have it set up. Please see the pic and note that I have relocated the RAM mount to the middle pouch of my T-BAGS fairing bag. Not the best solution probably but I like it better than the cheapo looking handlebar mount that comes with the RAM mounting kit. What I really do not like is all the wires (power and aux cable). I haven't looked yet but i am curious if there is an aux input on the rear of the radio that I can use to connect?

    Short of this I guess the more expensive route is the HDPDPLUS Interface from "On the Move Technology". Was hoping for a cheaper choice but may not be an option.

    Thanks for reading and your always helpful advice.

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  2. Jennmarr

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    There is not an AUX jack on the back of the radio, but one can be added. Check out if you want to do it yourself, or Iron cross audio can add one for you.
  3. jimharvey1

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    I'm wondering when HD is going to make a USB port for their sound system where you can plug in a flash drive full of MP3s into a port in the tourpack. My buddy has one like that on his GL1800. Pretty sweet. No moving parts to skip like the CD player with recorded MP3s.
  4. Dandekar

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    Iron Cross Audio also has a rear mounted iPod cable that eliminates any wires in the front and will charge the iPod. Cheaper than the interface module if you dont need to control the iPod with the radio controls.
  5. dolce

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    thanks all for the advice. I think I will check into the Iron Cross solution. Just not ready to spend another $300 yet just to rid myself of the wires (power and line out).
  6. Mike.Salvatore

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    Just completed install of the Iron Cross HDPDPLUS2 iPod integration kit. This unit was easy to install on my 2011 Flhtk took about 30 minutes. The hand controls are great to have when driving but I plan to change my playlists just for the iPod when I use the bike because my current iPod has about 15000 songs. I love the fact it is plug and play with no software upgrade like the HD system. Other great feature is now my Aux plug is avail for my zumo 665 again to have it plugged in all the time.

    Before buying the iron cross system I was plugging/unplugging the aux plug depending on my music mood from iPod vs xm so this is smooth and easy. I did not mount the iPod in the trunk bag tho...because you can over ride the iPod by pushing "locked" on the radio and manually over riding the radio head to use your fingers to control the iPod.

    I suggest saving the money and going with the Iron cross system for ease of install, plug and play, and super fast shipping. Did I say I ordered at 11am Monday and I got it in my mail the next day at 1pm.. Granted it only went from NJ to CT but it was shipped next day for free by them.

    Btw my iPod is mounted on the fairing right side top using a pro-fit international LB600T -LoBoy motorcycle mount and a profit international MI-100BT custom holder for iPod classic. I did have to trim the opening for the cord about 1/4 inch to get it to fit. All pro fit international items found on amazon for much cheaper than the ProFit international site.

    Last note I initially tried to use a "Y" stereo plug to plug in iPod and zumo GPS into the Aux plug but the audio quality was terrible and barely audible. With all the frustration I decided to just spend the money and happy so far.
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  7. Breeze3at

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    Thanks for that information Mike.
  8. wildman9

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    I used the HDPDPLUS from iron cross and the Riders Claw mount, works great and keeps the iphone charged
  9. rockypl

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    For anyone that is interested all you need is a blue tooth bridge to plug into the aux input. Then you can do something else with your phone...I have the bridge mounted to my helmet with speakers to listen to music and answer the phone. The bridge I use is a ARWH! from acoustic research. You can buy them from amazon or tigerdirect. About 50 dollars. Simple fix. You only need a short adaptor cable and a little velcro.
  10. Bodeen

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    You answer the phone while riding?