Autolite spark plugs

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cavs1429, Nov 22, 2009.

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    Has anyone put Autolite XS-4164 spark plugs in there 96 motor and how do you like them
  2. cavs1429

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    Thanks Smitty I think I will stay with the OEM.
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    Snake oil, BUT if you add the X wing and the magnets on the fuel line and also the tablets you drop in the tank, the bike should produce 300 HP and top out at 400 MPH. :lolrolling

    It's a spark plug and as long as it sparks the engine will run. :D

    From that site...

    Cryogenics is a computer-controlled ultra freezing treatment process that realigns the molecular structure of the electrodes to provide more consistent, longer lasting spark discharges. This results in increased power, smoother operation, and reduced emissions. The molecules in a standard spark plug electrode are randomly arranged and misaligned. Electrons trying to pass through the standard electrode do not have a direct path and they bounce off the other molecules, creating friction and resistance. Electricity takes the path of least resistance.

    After cryogenic treatment as shown here, the molecules are specifically aligned making the electron path more direct, producing more power and a larger spark kernal. After processing, a spark plug becomes up to 80% more coefficient for conductivity.

    Our precise deep cryogenic process creates a denser, more uniform grain structure within metals that allows heat to be dissipated more quickly and uniformly. This tighter molecular structure also increases strength, wear life and cycle fatigue life. With years of field testing and use in vehicles ranging from Police cruisers/motorcycles to NHRA & Nascar, this is a truly proven revolutionary application of cryogenics technology. [​IMG]
    Performance evaluations have been done at National Laboratories, as well as independent test facilities. Emissions Reduction tests were performed at EPA certified testing facilities. Engines, pistons, cranks, rods, cams, axles, brake pads and rotors can all benefit from the cryogenic process. Although we specialize in spark plugs, we can treat other components on request. Just ask an E/P dealer for more information.
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    I use 4163 Auto lite, no XS.

    My ECM is "Thunder Max"

    I can tune ping out if it occurs.

    I like them, yes.


  5. kemo

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    I won't be using Auto Lites any more. Had a set in for a month or so and on trip a long ways from home the bike started to backfire. Couldn't figure it out at first thought that it was bad fuel and then I started to think that the plug was shorting out and the exhaust had raw fuel and the plug would fire and ignite the fuel in the exhaust and cause my back fire. The only thing I did to correct the problem was to put in a set of old plugs that I had with me. Problem solved.
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    I have used tham all and HD plugs work the best.

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    i was tempted to try autolites but we used them in the shovels not the clean burning tc i like the hd plugs tried many others mb