At the risk of sounding whiny...

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by El Gordito, Jun 30, 2009.

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    0's raining. Yowza...thundering and lightning to boot. I'm supposed to babysit at the nurse's house this morning while the Cable Guy hooks her new house up, and, of course, I was gonna ride my new toy over there. And, of course, it decided that today was a good day to rain. :(

    I also shoot landscapes, Barton Creek (here in Austin) being one of my favorite spots. And anyone in Austin can tell you the creek's pretty much been dry since August '07 (when the little footbridge downstream from the 360 access got obliterated...I think I have the only photo in existence of it). The Pedernales River's in sad shape, too. In fact, anything that used to hold water is pretty pathetic-looking.

    I *really* don't think Cable Guy is gonna want to fiddle around outside with a bunch of wires today, anyway. I was sure looking forward to putting at least a few more miles on my new scoot, but seeing it rain more than makes up for it.