Aritronix/Scorpio Alarms - Good Customer Service

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by RibEye, Nov 13, 2015.

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    This is just a note to let you folks know about a good experience with Aritronix, out of Phoenix. They make the Scorpio Motorcycle alarm systems.

    I installed a Scorpio SR-I900 alarm on my '03 RK back in 2009. It has worked flawlessly ever since installation. Recently, the fob has not been holding a full charge as long as is had been. A full charge lasts only a couple of days, when it begins to indicate a need for some charging. It had been holding a fully charged indication for over 5 days at a time. I contacted Aritronix, and they let me know that the battery for the fob is a proprietary one, that solders in, and that they do not advertise it on their web site. They said it cost just over $33 for the battery. I started to arrange to purchase the battery, and they contacted me by phone today. They decided to just send me the new battery for free.

    That is great customer service. Especially considering that the warrantee period ended years ago.

    Kudos Aritronix/Scorpio.

    Rich P