Apes on a dual disk Dyna. Brake line?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Merc Dr., Mar 30, 2013.

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    I'm installing 16" apes on my 1999 FXDX with dual front disk brakes. I was looking at a Burly Brand cable kit, but they only offer it for single disk. I need some perspective on my options. I'm sure I'm not the first to put apes on a bike with this set up. Is there any other options I'm not listing?

    1. I could buy the kit and order a seperate extended brake line. Anyone know what length I would need?

    2. Just buy all the cables and electrical seperate. Anyone know what sizes, where to find this, or part #'s?

    3. Remove one brake disk and caliper. Do I need to buy anything to convert this, or just remove and run the new brake line straight to the single caliper?
    How much will this affect my braking?
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    I advise against removing one brake. If you do, you should also change the master cylinder to one for a single brake. Dual and single master cylinders have different size (9/16" or 5/8") pistons and internals. It will may your lever very sensitive. Search around, there's others besides Burly that make kits.
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    I am actually in the same spot as you. Trying to extend cables on a 1999 FXDX,and ran into that dual-disc issue. Did you find a suitable solution?

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    I wouldnt remove any brakes either. If you go to Goodridge catalog and find your year, model. Than they will list other kits with the same number except with a +4", +10" etc. Get your bars and figure out the extra length needed with a piece of string and go from there. If you are ordering or buying Wild Ones they will tell you what you need.