Anyone wanna split a set of saddlebag guards, so we can each have a drink holder??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by martysnarf, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I have a kooky proposition for someone who needs a drink holder....

    I have the HD leather one that mounts on the saddlebag, and it has a pouch for stuff, and a plastic sports water bottle and holder. Problem is, my new FLHX doesn't have saddlebag guards.

    I have this one:


    I knew that the new ride didn't have guards when I decided to buy it, and my intention is to buy a set of guards, PURELY for the reason that I LOVE the drink holder!! I don't really want the guards, but I DO want my drink holder back very much!! My intention was to only put 1 guard on, and it won't look weird because the water bottle holder pretty much covers the whole thing!!

    So my proposition is: Would anyone be interested in splitting a set of these saddlebag guards with me, and do the same thing?? I only want the left one, because my water bottle holder is the left side model! Does anyone want to go halvsies with me and take the right side, and maybe buy the water bottle/drink holder for your right side???

    I'll buy the set for us, and I'll send yours to you split shipping with ya or something...

    Lemme know if you are interested- that would save me from wasting money on a bracket that will just sit on a shelf, and I can have my beloved coffee in the mornings again!!!!

    Lemme know- thanks!!

    <P.S. I know that there are handlebar mounts and stuff for my drinks, but I really like this one that I have so I want to stick with this one!!>
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  2. Sprint57

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    will it fit 08 ulra?
    if so we can talk
  3. martysnarf

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    Sprint- not sure there- I think they are different b/c your Ultra has the rails around the saddlebag. I'll ask the Dealer today and get back with you. Thanks man!