Anyone use Kreem product? I just did.....

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by cityhawg, Jun 22, 2011.

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    AND DON'T LIKE IT!!! (edit) 3 step tank cleaner/liner

    For starters, it stunk up the back yard area (mine & neighbors up to 4 houses down). Granted there wasn't too much wind coming around so I guess that's why the stink stuck around for a while....and got my neighbor's um!..attention. :6:

    Next - How in the world do you get the excess out of the tank?!?! I made it back to the bike today and found about 1/8 cup pooled up in there. That's a lot for something that's supposed to "coat" the tank. And I thought I had taken everything out. :(

    There was so much on one side of the (fatboy), tank, I found one of the drains for the fuel cross over lines submerged and completely clogged. :shock That took about an hour to clean up.

    If you have positive experience with this stuff please let me know what has worked for you. I have two other bikes that will most likely need the same treatment, maybe more (both carburated).
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    Re: Kreem product

    Very tedious and time consuming product but it works. You absolutely need to follow the label instructions. Smell is major and toxic for sure. Acetone is the major aeromatic evaporating off of it so a flow of air into tank does speed the process. I had to constantly reposition tank for several HOURS. Very tedious but it works.
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    It has been several years since I used it, but I concur with the previous poster who said it takes hours. The tank will need to be turned frequently until it stops flowing completely or you will have the pooling you experienced. After the excess is "drained" the tank still needs frequent turning...for a long time.

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    I've been around bikes for over 40 years and have never had a need for such a product. Back in the 80's a friend of mine put Kreeem into his oil tank because it had a minor crack at a mount bracket. Apparently he did not get the tank completely cleaned out and dry befor pouring the Kreem in. About a week later the coating had fallen away from the tank and plugged his feed line, totally destroyd the engine. Just say'n:small3d002:
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    I've used Red-Kote on several tanks, gas and oil, never had any complaints from the owners or neighbors.

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    I have coated more tanks than I care to remember, however I did learn that a plastic gas tank cap (usally comes with new tanks) with an air hose quick disconect screwed into it works great for removing the excess kreem. Hook air hose to quick disconect and use very low air pressure 1/2 pound to no more than 2 psi to blow out excessive kreem. Also ensure tank is sitting in the same position as it does on the bike this way the transfer (crossover tube) flow clean.
    Good luck and take your time it is very time consuming but when done right will last a life time.