Anyone riders interested 2 ride to 2010 LV Bike Fest???

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by Ninjacam99, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Ninjacam99

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    I'm from Gilroy CA, Nor Cal are there any riders interested in riding to 2010 Las Vegas Bike fest??? Leaving Thursday around 1:30pm. send me a mesage or email.
    Thanks! Ninja/Mark
  2. kiwihog

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    missed ya 2010 I hope you had fun we left thurs @ 9.00am stopped at weedpatch for gas an a snak then to mikes roadhouse for a cocktail or 2 then to baker for gas and grub arrived at sahara 3pm ...came home the following tuesday to miss all the traffic it was cold but very relaxing trip... planning to do a similar ride again for 2011 we also ride @ hollister hills on the quads not far from u get in touch if u have any rides panned as the weather gets better
  3. Mad Dog Jim

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    When is it? Not going this year but the wife and I are kicking around ideas for a winter "head south" vacation in a year or two. We'd have to trailer till we got south of the ice and snow, park the truck and trailer, and roll from there. Haven't been south of Ashland OR on a bike yet. What's up down in Cali, Arizona, and NM in the winter-early spring? Would it be worth a two week trip around February?