Any plans for a long trip this summer?

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    I am planning a month long trip this summer around the states west of the Mississippi. I plan to camp when it’s convenient and to knock the price down so I’ll bring some camping equipment. I have a trailer so I am thinking of trailering to Nashville from New Jersey and taking the Natchez Trace scenic hwy to Jackson MS where my daughter lives. From there I’ll make my way to Phoenix AZ where I have more family and eventually make my way to Seattle where my son lives and then make my way back to Nashville to pick up the car and trailer. I’ll try to stop at some of the National parks to do some day hiking and to stretch a little. I ordered maps for all the states from AAA and I am marking them up for scenic routes using a variety of sources. I have a lot of old articles from Rider Magazine highlighting routes. There are a number of web sites that have suggestions too. I thought it would be a permanent resource. Asking locals what they think has worked well in the past too. Since June 21 is supposed to be the longest day of the year so I thought I would try to go around that time. With the warmer weather and long days it’s easier to put more time in. Other than the cities and states I indicated I’ll pretty much make it up as I go along - Bob
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    Sounds cool. I wish I could take a month off to do something like that.

    As the time gets closer, be sure to post your specific plans. The Natchez Trace is still on my list of things to do so if the dates worked out, I'd love to join you.
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    When you get closer to the time and start thinking about Arizona, check back with me. I'm familiar with the roads and camping areas and have suggestions, depending on just what you want to experience.
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    Seems so far away w/current outside conditions, but I'm not planning anything super extreme this year due to other commitments. Probably just buzz North to visit family/friends in MN - simple daytrip...

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    I didn't take much time off the last 2 years and its accumulated so that if I don't use it I lose it. Given the economy in New Jersey the goveror will giving us state workers more time off. So many things can come up to make us change our plans but if you don't dream and imagine probably nothing will happen. It's never worked if I over plan either. Detailed plans usually last half a day for me - Bob
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    I only get 2 weeks off in the summer and the last 5 years or so we have done the same trip to Germany so that the wife can visit her family for a few days and then return via someplace we haven't been before
    But this year we are heading down the east coast to hull catching a ferry to Belgium and spending a couple of days there then into France for a wee bit and then a short crossing to dover and then along the south coast of england for a bit then to wales and back to Scotland up the west coast we have only booked a few nights so far i am still trying to convince wife that we should go north on the west coast of Scotland but she gets bitten a lot by the midges so might be through the centre but we do have a few months to go to firm up plans

  7. Dr.Evil

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    Going over the top of Superior in July, if I don'y have another job with limmited vacation. Have a good trip and be safe.
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    Going from Florida to PA and back this summer with my son, either June or July. 10 days .
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Going to STURGIS:s
  10. robermv32

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    I went to Sturgis last summer alone. Ran down to Denver for quick visit with family then home. Total 5692 miles. It wasn't enough. I'm going again this year. Just take my time and stay off the interstates to enjoy this country. Did both camping and every 3 days took a day in a motel to "Clean up and sleep good." Helps refresh. Found that I enjoyed Beef Jerky in my jacket pocket and plenty of water on the bike. Good luck and watch out for those not watching out for you.