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    Is there any particular year cam chain tensioner that are more susceptible to wear then others? Is there any tell tell signs of them starting to go bad, or is inspection the only way to tell? I have an 06 RK with about 19000 miles so far Mobile1 and currently AMSOIL in the bike. Sometimes the more you read the more paranoid you become to maintenance.
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    No first hand experience in this area but I've read that a great way to spot this is to cut open your oil filter every time you change the motor oil and look for tiny bits of plastic.

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    When they Or one goes really bad, and shoe is gone, broken out-off enough to allow the Spring pressured "shoe arm" to RUB "metal to metal" on the chain.... It may make a grinding or clicking type sound.... By that time.IMO, the motor gets damaged from the shoe material and the metal grindings that come with this problem...

    IF it worries you enough, Change out to the newer style Hydraulic tensioner system BEFORE and put WORRY Behind You!

    My TC 2000 dyna had 14,000 miles on it and the shoes were chipping.... At that , Long time ago 2000, I went Gear drive, Buying SS570 G cams,Delkron cam plate,Feuling oil pump head work, bigger bore/higher compression yada yada...$$$$$$$$$$$

    It cost me many More $$$ than it would of "Today" IF going Hydraulic...
    If done today I would have gone with the Newer Hydraulic system..

    NO problems with the Gear drives, BUT that replacement Kit for 429$ from HD comes with a BIG Value in parts,,,, I paid almost that much for ONE of my many replacement parts.

    If it were my bike,,, I would go the "KIT" type of replacement..Comes with Newer, Bigger gearoters Oil Pump and Cam support plate.. Hydraulic tensioner. Most all the parts in kit for 429$ and a little more for the gasket and better torrington (full cage engine side, cam bearings) I also like the SE tapered adjustable push rods Kit.. 129/140?..

    Worry free is NICE.. and then You would have the Newer IMPROVED parts that are in the 96 cu in motor.... :D

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    Thanks for the Replies