Another Xied install on 2012 Iron 883

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by iron_883, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Hey. I just wanted to give a little write up on my stage 1 upgrade to my bike. After doing a SE air intake stage 1 and a set of the older SE II slip on's ,I figured I would have to see what would be better for me in my current set up. I decided to NOT do the stage 1 ecm download via Harley anf not get a fuel manager but decided to just do the Xied plug ins. I really saw a big improvement verses not having them in. I don't have any hard data to prove this but to be honest , its an 883 motor and if I was looking for real speed I would have opted for a bigger motor/bike.
    I saw a big improvement in the idle after warm up vs not having them and getting rough idle. It was as if the ecm was having a tough time trying to auto adjust the AFR. Idle was not steady at all and was worst than the all stock (virgin) set up. With them installed, it was a more even idle and not too much over adjustment. Just by the sound of it I could tell the difference.
    As for performance, there is a slight increase in throttle response and take offs made me feel it was a different bike. I am a pretty big dude and this sporty had no prob hauling by butt!
    All in all I am not going to beat a dead horse on the debate of weather to use Xied vs fuel pak vs whatever. For me this works and am very happy with my setup. Thanks for reading and hope this helps someone's decision on there setup.
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    Thanks for posting and I'm glad that the product is working for you. How about checking back in once you have a chance to have them on the road for a bit. Like many products for our Harley's there are those that like the results and those that don't. The more info we get the easier it is to make a choice.
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    Good on you, keep track of heat and mileage and let us know:s
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    No problem! I do want to add a small helpful update.
    It was in the 90's where i live so i figured whad a good day to test and see how hot the engine felt in regards to it running rich with the xied's. I ran a good 65 miles non-stop.
    1) engine temp did feel cooler.
    2) throttle response is alot better.
    3) no "surge"
    4) low end torque is more. And 0-60 feels quicker!
    I want to do my next update in about a week. I have been riding this thing like i stole it just to see if my check engine light will pop on. (which so far hasn't but did give me the 131/151 engine code pulled with diag mode WHICH IS NORMAL and now i know the front and rear O2 senors are doing what they were supposed to do.

    :newsmile073:Thanks for reading and got alot of tips from this forum so i figured i can put my 2ยข too to help others.
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    Still far so good.