Another scoot for the salvage yard...

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by FloridaScott, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. CRCKR

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    :bigsmiley15:Last week I was slowly tooling through downtown St. Petersburg, Eastbound on Central, and some kid backed out of his parking space in the Westbound lane, straight across both lanes and sucker punched my bike with his car!

    Luckily the crash bar kept my leg from being shattered but it also split my frame wide open like a banana peel.

    I'm not really happy at all... I LOVED that scoot. Now I'm waiting for Geico to pay off that loan and all I can afford is a Dyna-SuperGlide Custom... The shop had one for a really reasonable price and it is a 2012 w/ only 3k miles. Yep, it got laid down but the report wasn't bad.

    There is a LOT I am going to miss about that bagger... especially since it was my sole transportation and this bike is completely stock. Nothing that was not on it from the factory. I built some things into the loan to give her a little personality but I've gotta do a lot of work to get her to be mine.

    Adios my beloved FLHT, you were great. Time to start handing JP Cycles and V&H a ton of money again.
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Glad to hear your ok, you can always replace the iron. Now you can make the new scoot your very own.:s
  3. STEVE07

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    Glad you are ok.
  4. Stevecracker

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    Good you are ok, real good!
    The iron gets replaced.
  5. rusntx

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    It could happen to any of us on any given day. Thankfully, it sounds like you were not hurt! Bummer about the scoot, hey now you have an unplanned project. :s
  6. trike lady

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    Glad you're ok.
  7. CRCKR

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    Thanks all. I went in to say goodbye to the FL yesterday...she was in worse shape than I remembered after the wreck. The 'new' SuperGlide will be a great new focus and my Wish Lists are being fully stocked with plans.

    I've already ordered the Service Manual. Gonna need a new bookshelf for these things!

    On the bright side, my girl wasn't with me AND she initially wanted me to take the insurance $ and put it down on a car... Needless to say, when we got the rental car I made sure that my driving scared her more than my riding ;) Now she is all about getting another bike!
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    main thing is you are planning the next bike not feeding worms
  9. gator508

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    Big bummer for your scoot but the good thing is you came out ok. I want to ask the question about the perpetrator and his responsibility for the crash, did he not have insurance, your post made it sound as though your insurance is taking on the burden of paying off your loan. I sincerely hope that is not the case and you can recover some $$ from the accident. Hope everything works out for you.
  10. CRCKR

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    Yeah, his insurance is covering it. Geico said that they mailed the bank the payoff check last Friday but as of yet it has not been received. I promptly took my part of the payoff to the Harley shop and handed over a fat stack of C-Notes for my down payment on the FXDC. Just waiting on the check to make it to the lien holder to pay that loan off and I will be in the saddle within a matter of an hour.

    Not sure how much riding I'll be doing for a while since I'm pretty sore....several MRIs have been taken of my shoulder and back and we are waiting on results.