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    First off, I guess I need to change my screen name to BF06FLHTCUI, seeing as my wife twisted my arm this past weekend and I picked up a SWEET two tone blue and silver Ultra. Second, I have gone through the recent posts and didn't find my situation, so, here goes.
    06 Ultra Classic, just under 21K on the clock. bike received full 20K service before I rode off on it. When I light it up, i am getting idle oil pressures of about 5 pounds, and up to about 25-30 at 2000+ RPM. After about 5 miles, when the bike is nice and warm, those pressures drop on the gauge. At idle, it shows less than 5 pounds, with at most 15 pounds at highway speeds. No idiot light. Checked the oil, nice and golden, doesn't smell scorched or cooked.
    I do a lot of stop and go commuting riding, and the oil is a significant portion of the cooling for the bike, so I am a bit twitchy on this issue. My thought is that with no idiot light, it's probably all good, its just the gauge or the sending unit giving me bum numbers. Just wonder about the fact that numbers appear to be in line with everyone's reported figures when cold, dropping when warm. Makes me think the sending unit is loose or something so it's giving bad data when everything expands.
    Thoughts? Likely culprits? Take it back to the dealership and make them figure it out?
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    Since there is no light you may or may not have a problem. A master gauge is the only way to be sure, so I would ask the dealer to check it and make sure the pressures are correct. I would than see what type of deal the dealer would make on a new gauge and sending unit.
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    I agree it could be a bad gauge or sending unit. I would think at hwy speeds it should be reading at about 30psi and at idle about 5 psi. Good suggestion from HDDon, check it with a master gauge and go from there.
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    I might add, that this same issue ruined one of mine & hubbies vacations once. :D The gauge on the touring models seems to read really low. We took his bike in (after he quit riding it on vacation) and had the oil pressure checked & it was fine.

    We now have peace of mind and he doesn't worry now. Just an FYI, :s I would possibly have it checked, but I think chances are good that it may be just how it reads low. :s

    Good Luck!
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    The touring gauges are notorious for reading low, have your dealer check with a master gauge for peace of mind and let us know how it turns out, Good Luck
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    Question, did you ride the bike before you bought it? Your oil pressure is more than likely ok, just get the dealer to check to make sure.
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    Congrats on the new to you ride and I'd also recommend having the gauge checked out...quick trip to the dealer for peace of mind on the road.

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    So, having had a couple of days to really pay attention, here is what i have:
    There are 3 hash-marks between the 0 and 32 on the gauge, so assuming that each hash is 8 pounds:
    Cold idle:8-10 pounds.
    cold 2000 RPM 16-18 pounds
    cold 3000 rpm 24-26 pounds
    hot idle 5-7 pounds
    hot 2000 rpm 12 pounds
    hot 3000 rpm 18-20 pounds
    hot 4500 rpm (had to really roll it on in 2nd gear when merging and a trophy wife in a $60K cage came roaring up the shoulder and nearly creamed me) 24-26 pounds.

    So, it looks like its consistent, about 6-8 pounds lower hot vs cold, so i suspect bad gauge and/or sending unit. But, seeing as the dealership tossed in a 90 day/6K mile full warranty, i went ahead and made an appointment for it Wednesday, drop it off tomorrow afternoon.

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    Just to wrap things up:
    Took it in to the shop. took a day and change, but the problem turned out to be the whole gauge system. the sending unit was sending bad data, but that matter much because the gauge itself was broken anyway. but it's fixed and giving non-heartattack inducing numbers.
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    Glad it was a simple fix.