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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by bwalsh22, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Okay, I read through some of the brake write-ups including Gliders Brake Caliper Maintenance. I may take this on, seems pretty easy, but hopefully won't need to.

    Just go finished mounting my new wheels(new rear rim and tire and front rim with new tire). Went pretty smoothly, I think. Took it for about a 10 mile test ride and alignment and all seem right on, but...

    When I hit the front brake by itself, seemed like the front was shaking a bit. Now tried to just push it in the garage which was really difficult. When I removed everything, I was careful, but did not take the calipers apart, just slid them off the rotors and was also sure not to squeeze either brake while off. After I got finished with the install I gave both brakes a good squeeze/press to make sure all was working okay.

    Do I need to give it a good ride to see if the brakes back off a bit more or wear out a bit to adjust (Is this normal after this kind of work? Or should I check the maintenance since it seems like he calipers are not backing off as far as they need to? Prior to the work all seemed ok.
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    Quick question: was it OK BEFORE you replaced the rim? If so, I would go back through the instructions in the book about ensure you align the front end correctly. Sounds to me like you are binding up rather than the brakes not releasing especially if you DID NOT have a problem with the old rim. With the front tire off the ground, you should be able to spin the front wheel at least a couple of revolutions with a good push. If not, take off one caliper at a time and try rotating the wheel to identify if one side is binding after you have aligned it.

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    Could have been something on the rotor from handling them. If not the shaking could be from a warped rotor but that should have been there before the work was done. Try cleaning the rotors off with brake clean and try it again.
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    Thanks TQ and Glider, I'll have to put it back up on the lift.

    Rear Rim is new, Front Rim has been on there, only thing that was done was a new tire, rotor wasn't messed with at all on the front.

    Seems like the drag is more from the rear then the front. I'll put it back up on the lift, hopefully tomorrow sometime and see if I can see which one is causing more of the problem. I don't particularly feel like messing with the back too much, since that is much more trouble to get off, but we'll see what needs to be done.
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    i had a problem one time with the rear wheel pulley rubbing on the belt guard
    just something to check

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    Okay, so I was wrong. I jacked it up and the rear turned well...Phew I did not want to have to remove that. Looks like the alignment was the issues, I did not realize the 2 spacers were different sizes (problem when taking everything apart over a week before reinstaling). So I swapped those around and the wheel spins much better, took it for a quick ride to church, but...the shaking is still there.

    So now I am think it may be the slider cap screws (or axle cap fasteners, they are called both in the book). When I took off the front one, I thought it was a torx and ended up stripping it a bit (again working too late...bad). Put them back on, thought I got it pretty tight, but I am thinking not (no torque wrench on these, since I do not have the hex sockets). I am going to have to replace these screws
    Need a part number though, anyone have any ideas?
    STOCK PART # 4042 Slider Cap Screws - I broke down and called Harley.

    Bent rotor possibility...I spun the wheel eyeing it up for any wavyness and did not notice anything, looked straight to me from different angles.

    Final thought, found this doing a Google search from joy, would these be the problem too?
    "So, when I put the wheel back on, all looked well, so I lowered the bike, getting ready to run it into the wall, yep, a little birdie Glided by & told me to leave the slider cap screws loose and put the front wheel against the wall and bounce the front as hard as I can, no brakes, then torque the slider cap nuts to spec. This makes the front forks parallel with each other and keeps the front end from binding. :s Thanks Glider!"
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