American Tourister not waterproof...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Mavagrand

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    I have an American Tourister suitcase that fits perfect on top of my luggage rack. I've got a trip planned in September and would like to use this luggage, however, it's not waterproof (resistant). is there anything on the market I can apply to the luggage to make it more resistant?
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  3. y2kflhr

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    anything I put on top of my tourpack I wrap in a black garbage bag on the inside, and if its definitely going to rain, I wrap the outside solution
  4. Joyflyin

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    When I fly, I pack my bag and then take the large garbage bags and stick them around the edges and fold them over the top to cover the clothing. If I will be going on a really long flight, I may even line the bottom of the suitcase with a bag. I started doing this when I flew to the Keys once and when I retrieved my bags, they were pretty wet, but worse, the clothes inside were soaked.....:(

    That works for the most part, I've done that when I have hauled some bags in the back of the truck, but we didn't really hit much rain along the way, so I don't know how effective it would be over all. I like that method over all because I have always managed to use the garbage bags for one thing or another. :s
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    That is the way I do my clothes in my Dyna's leather saddlebags. Works good.
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    For luggage that is not 100% waterproof i use as we call them here bin bags however i did pick up some stronger bags made for garden waste that have stitching to make them stronger and they work really well
    on my rack i use a holdall and slip it inside a large dry bag
    having just got back from my summer trip where we experienced a lot of very heavy rain waterproof gear failed but the spare clothes in the bags were dry so my system works for me

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    About a year ago my twin brother showed up at the house with his bike loaded down, he stayed here two weeks visiting variouse family members, the funny thing was he did no laundry nor wore the same thing twice. It was not till he left and asked to use the vacume that I understood why. He was using those vacume bags you see on TV, he had his whole wardrobe in those bags. He packs them up, sucks the air out and slides them into his bag. He said he had been using the same bags for a couple years. Everything stays dry even it the worst rain and you can pack more stuff in the same space. By the way you can now by those bags at Wal-Mart and just about any other store of that nature.
    Good Luck.
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    As the others said, garbage bags, they aren't pretty, but they do work!
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    These bags made for motorcycle's usually come with rain covers, if not the heavy duty garbage bag work's great take some extras with
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    I've seen the commercials and wondered if those bags would be good for a motorcycle trip. Your brother has convinced me, I'm buying some of those today. Figure you could probably pack more stuff on the bike using these as well. Pack the clothes in those bags, put them in the luggage, wrap luggage in heavy garbage bag, I'm on the road!!