Ambient Air Temperature Gauge Acting Up

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by craig Lee, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. craig Lee

    craig Lee Active Member

    '08 Street Glide with 40,000+ miles. The Ambient Air Temperature Gauge is fine at start up, but I start to ride and it goes to full temp at 130. Bounces around for around 5-6 miles and than works fine. The dealer replaced the sensor 3 days ago and everything was fine for the 1st day and now back to screwing up. Maybe the gauge? I know this gauge is not very useful, Just the thought of it not right with the factory warranty being up on April 1.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Chopper

    Chopper Senior Member

    If the sensor didn't do it, I'd have them replace the gauge before the warranty is up, once the warranty is up you're stuck with it.
  3. kemo

    kemo R.I.P

    My advice, scrap it and install an oil temp gage. That will give you something to worry about whenyour stuck in traffic and you see your oil temp rise to 300.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Craig, you must be the only guy in America that hasn't replaced that air temp gauge with an oil temp gauge. And you live where the temp is a perfect, constant 72 degrees year round right?

    Just kidding! Definitely don't delay and let the warranty run out on something that isn't working right. Get them to replace that gauge!
  5. Mainah

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    The air temp gauge on a Harley has the reputation of being even less accurate than the clock on an old Chevy, at least that was right twice a day. :bigsmiley21:
  6. craig Lee

    craig Lee Active Member

    Exactly why I didn't do it. :) I know guys that put the gauge in and all they do is worry. It's bad enough being a studio musician and being told not to take my ears to the Harley let alone my eyes. :)

    Thanks guys, Figured it would have to be the gauge.

    Thanks again to Glider and the gang for putting up with our questions about different mechanical sounds when we first joined the forum. We've turned a lot of bikers on the HDtalking family and they can't thank us enough.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Craig, I understand your reasoning, keeping things original and working well coming from the automotive side of the house. Get the guage replaced under warranty and relax. An HD oil temperature guage mounted on the rocker cover bracket as others have installed (sender in oil pan plug) is perfectly fine if you want, your ride you decide. :s

    Mainah, your a funny guy...sad thing is I'm one of the guys who tore appart his entire dash, pulled out that electromechanical windup wonder, cleaned and lubed it and put 'er back in so it would be at least within a few minutes over a year! Ouch, it hurts even thinking about being young foolish and much more patient back then! :newsmile108:
  8. badbird

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    I will pick up my 5th Ultra this week and if the air temp works on it,,,,,It will be the first of the lot to do so. Of the 4 so far none of them are closer than 20 degrees on any given day. Just a do dad on the dash. A oil temp gauge would be a nice replacement if you could trust it to work.:newsmile07:
  9. Jim B.

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    I'll probably jinx it by saying this but the air temp gauge on my 09 Road Glide is accurate to within a few degrees. I was going to replace it with an oil temp gauge until I saw what happened to my friend's 08 Road Glide. He had some work done that required removal of the outer fairing. He has had problems with the seal between the inner and outer fairings leaking adhesive ever since. I installed an LED dipstick oil temp gauge instead.
  10. craig Lee

    craig Lee Active Member

    Took three pictures this weekend with Mz Bling's help at 40,220 40,333 and 40,444 with the gauge maxed at 130 degrees. Just got back from the dealer and there going to order a gauge. We do have a great dealer here in Southern Cal. No complaints. They were told by MOCO to replace the sensor first. It seems like they would of done both and saved on Warranty labor. Oh well.