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    So, got home from the rockpile Friday morning (2 days early, scared the you know what outta my wife when I strolled in, good thing the wife doesnt like guns or i might have taken a load of 00 buck to the face...). Got my Fullsac exhaust mounted, 2 hours of sweating and cursing, before moving onto my TFI. Got it plugged in, but I have no lights at all and the bike just cranks, no fire. My idiot question is thus: Do i plug the old/stock injector control wires into the second plug on the harness? I figured out which of the plugs went onto the injectors, but i couldnt figure out what to do with the other plug and the old wires. Myself and two buddies were reading the directions like chimps doing calculus (the beers might have been effecting things a bit) but the two things we could agree on were A:we screwed something up and B: the directions might be fractionally clearer.
    Appreciate the help.

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    Yes! Plug the old into the new and you should be good to go! You're simply putting the TFI in between the injectors and the old injector connectors. m Good luck!
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    yup plus one on this