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    Hubby & I went riding Sunday and we stopped to fill up. Usually I pull in first and him behind me. He fills my bike then I push it forward for him to fill his. Well, this time was different. He pulled in first and pulled up far enough for me to pull up with my front tire beside his back tire. I shut my bike off while he was getting the nozzle. He was chattin with me and I went to lean it over on the kickstand when I realized that is was leaning more than it should. I forgot to put the kickstand down. Good thing I realized it before I let it keep on leaning to the point of no return. It would have hit hubbys bike too. Thank God my leg is getting stronger.:D
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    Glad to hear you caught it in time!!! I've never done any thing like that myself.........nope........never..........not way!!!! :D
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    Been there done that, kicked the stand on my 03 V-rod thought it was down and it wasn't. Started to put the bike down oops no stand dropped far enough to scratch the pegs thought dang this is heavy should I let it drop but then I had a revelation if I let this bike drop it's going to cost money to fix it so I musta ate my wheaties because I picked it back up. Only damage to my foot peg and it was about time for upgraded foot pegs anyways.
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    Been there a time are two! i pulled into our wife hopped off...put something in my bass i jump off to see what she was cluttering up my boat with and the bike hit the back of our legs( OUCH)...the words my wife said ..WoW I never knew she could say that stuff!.....:(.....:D
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    That's one of those free reminders.
    Saw something similar happen at a rally last year. Guy pulls up in line for a game. Bike goes over and hits the guy next to him. A little cussing, limping and a lot of apologies later and all was fine. I can't imagine how bad the guy felt.
    Glad you didn't have to "make up" to your hubby later.:s
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    Done that also, not so lucky as you, I dumped it in the garage. Man didn't that make me feel dumb.

    Now I have training wheels to prevent such mishaps.
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    You get kind of empty feeling just at the point you realize you havent put down the kick stand. Not that I would know or anything like that.:32:
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    Not Yet?
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    I went to start mine one time(ok maybe two times) when it was in gear. Both times my heart skipped a beat as my bike was tring to leave with out me.
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    Everybody who reads your post will admit to doing this at some point. Some earlier, some later, but we all have experienced it. It is part of the "maturation process" some say.

    Everytime it happens to me, I think back to the first time I took a motorcycle riders course about 40 years ago. I can still see that instructor harping and harping about doing a "Proper Dismount", which included of course, making sure the kickstand was down.