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  1. Sommerville

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    My wife and I are planning a trip from Naples, Florida to Seattle pick up the ferry to Haines Alaska and drive back maybe through Canada.

    Would welcome any thoughts or comments.

  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    You said "drive" so I've got to ask - auto or motorcycle?
  3. Chief4774

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    Come on up. Do you know your travel dates?
    Will you take the ferry from Bellingham Wa, or Prince Rupert?
    Done both, but liked the ride from Prince Rupert the best. Look at crossing the border north of Spokane WA, thru Kamaloops, Prince George then Prince Rupert. Good roads, not too much traffic.Good camp grounds.
    The ferry state rooms fill up quickly in the summer so recommend making a reservation ASAP. Alaska Marine Highway System :: Official Site :: Alaska DOT&PF
    Another option is to go to Seattle take a ferry to Vancouver ride up Vancouver Island and take a ferry from the north tip to Prince Rupert, than head for Haines or Skagway on the ALaska Ferry. I'm kinda partial to Skagway as you go over a pass shortly out of town, getting you out of rain forest and into the dryer Yukon. "Sgt Preston of the Yukon" country. Do the ALCAN back south.
    Pick up a "Alaska Mile Post" you'll find it handy.
  4. marcus22

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    I would hit up Banff and Jasper in Alberta Canada. very nice! then Glacier National Park in Montana. there is so much you could do. the possibilities are endless. one please!:D
  5. dbmg

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    Leave your watch at home, take a map, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.....:s