Alarm sound on my 2005 Fat Boy

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by toddlaroche, Aug 20, 2009.

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    It seems my factory alarm is not working on my 2005 Fat Boy. If the alarm goes off, should it be the horn that actually makes the noise? When I set the alarm and then test it by moving the bike, the alarm lights do flash on and off, but there is no sound made. I'm thinking the wiring to the horn is somehow not connected... that's a guess. Any other thoughts?

  2. R. Lewis

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    just asking here --- do you have the alarm for your scoot , if so did the dealer activate it for you? does your fob have any buttons?
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    Couple of questions:
    1. Is this a new bike for you?
    2. Has the siren ever worked?

    The "sound" for the security system is made by the Siren module. It is easy to determine if you have one of these. If you have side panels on your bike (probably plastic bits on the sides of the frame below the seat), remove the right one. The siren module will be a rectangular box plugged into the module gang. Something like this:

    Harley-Davidson® Factory Security System Smart Siren, 68328-02, Add an additional level of

    If you do not see one of these, they are VERY easy to install. Just plug and play.

    If your system worked at one time, and has quit working, that is a different issue. See if your bike is still under extended warranty and if that type of electronic component is even covered. For the cost of a new module, I would buy one and install it myself to see if that fixed it. The deductable and labor cost you may pay taking it in will likely be more than a new module anyway.

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    The stock alarm does not have an audible device, only lights. You have to add the smart siren to get an audible from the alarm when it's activated.

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    As the great one says...and a bargain at you guessed it...a $100 from HD. The Smart Siren I add on module is for button fob models, Smart Siren II add on is for the button"less" fob models (proximity de-activation alarm). Pager system option is additional (of course) and specified for the proper model. Look in the self help tab at the top for more info on specific models and to find PDFs on how to do the deed! BTW only the Smart Siren II has the auto "Chirp" feature when activating and North American model has the ability to defeat it as some find it annoying whilst others find it reassuring.
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    One minor correction to NEWHD74FAN'S post above,only Domestic models (models built for sale in the U.S. only)have the ability to program the chirp out .All others are considered international models including the ones built for sale in Canada and none of these bikes have that programming feature

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    Oh yeah the other great North America, thanks Steve, my bad! :small3d015: BTW never really considered Canada they speak English with bonus points for French as a second lanuguage. :D
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