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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bootlegger, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Went for a 60 mile ride today with the wife and the bike seemed to be handling funny and you could feel every bump in the road. When I got home I pulled out the air pump to check the shock pressure and there was none. I tried pumping up the shocks and couldn't get any pressure at all. Now I'm thinking the shocks are blown or something. So I take a step back and start looking and the air line from the schrader valve to the right shock is hanging down under the fender, so I run my hand down the line and sure enough it's been rubbing on the tire and has a hole in it. Pulled the line and headed off to the dealer. Got a new air line and popped it back in place, pumped up the shocks, good to go. I think this was the easiest and cheapest job I've ever done on the bike and I shouldn't have to do it again because I added what the MOCO didn't, one 5 cent tie wrap to hold the airline in place. Funny side note, when the parts guy tried to ring up the air line, it was like $16. He's scratching his head trying to figure out why so expensive, turns out Harley only sells the air line by the package which is enough to do about 20 or 30 bikes. anyway $2.00 later I was on my way.
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    Good deal & good to know...I'll have to check mine to make sure nothing's rubbing - never really paid attn, but your experience brings curiosity & I'm always one for using tie wraps. They're use/functionality is right up there w/duct tape. Thanks!
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    Yeah. The $16 is for 25 feet or something like that. I have a bunch left in the garage if anyone needs some. Takes about 5 feet to restring the bike. Worth doing every couple of years or so.