Air Ride Adjustment 2000 FLHTC

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ChopperDoc, Jul 5, 2010.

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    When I got sick, I went from 230 lbs down to 125. I'm only back up to 145/150 and having trouble gaining, but enough on that, on to my problem.

    Anyway, when I thought I was strong enough to start riding again, it felt like I was back on a rigid. It had been two years since I had been able to ride, but I don't remember the suspension being this hard even with the impared travel caused by the lowering blocks. I took the blocks off and put a set of the shorter (air) shocks on. The ride with the short shocks was worse than it was with the lowering blocks so I put my original shocks back on (without the blocks). I started lowering both of the pressures. I am now down to 5 PSI Front and 2/3 PSI Rear.

    Question is have I gone too low, like a point of dimishing returns? I'm thinking that I may be so low that I am on shocks only and need a certain amount of air pressure to establish the "air ride".

    I know it doesn't sound right to add pressure to soften the ride, but it makes sence to me.

    Am I wrong or right? If I am right, what should I use as minimums for both ends?
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    On my 05 Ultra the air is 0 for 150 lb. rider and goes up from there. Fully loaded I should only have 16 psi and the most I can go is 25 psi. Hope you get back to where you were, that was a lot of weight you lost.