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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Grillfish, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    I'm thinking about a set of lowers for my RG. With the summer rains starting up in FL, I'm wondering if these will help any.

    Any one use them before? How did they work?

    Airlite - Engine Guard Chaps - Welcome to Airlite

  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    I used the better ones from HD. They are ballistic nylon and store real easy in the bags. I think they were $69


  3. jimharvey1

    jimharvey1 Junior Member

    With the summer RAINS come the summer HEAT! Many remove their factory lowers in the summer for that reason. To quote the ad you linked:

    • Air is captured, screened, and directed exactly where it belongs- into the radiator and/or cooling fins
    • Oncoming air flow is warmed by engine heat and redirected onto the rider
    Not exactly what I would be looking for in the 100° Florida summer heat. I'd opt for all the airflow I could get. Getting wet sometimes is a blessing down here. ('cept for the big drops - they sting!)
  4. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    Thanks everyone. I was worried about the summer heat for sure with these and any lowers. I was trying to avoid the $700+ color matched hard HD lowers.

    After riding a Sporty for 7 yrs... A RG will be a big improvement even w/out the lowers in the rain.

    Thanks and have a good one.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    I went through the same thought process when deciding on a tour pack. Several wise forum members (mainly Smitty) pointed out the superior fit, finish, and color match of the HD product. Also the resale value of your bike should be higher with genuine, color matched HD parts. I know the initial cash outlay is pretty hard to swallow but it all pays off in the long run!
  6. TXMikey

    TXMikey Junior Member

    I haven't used the ones you are looking at, but have used both the Desert Dawgs and Sagebrush versions. They are good at reducing wind and rain from hitting your legs. They also block some air that would otherwise cool your engine. I believe the H-D version says not to use them above 55 degrees. I only use mine in the winter; I want all the cooling I can get in the summer.
  7. ironmark

    ironmark Junior Member

    I use the HD snap on lowers HD part #58502-80c & they cost $37 & they fit fine on the stock engine guard & store easy in the saddle bags . You can feel more heat on your legs when they are on & that helps in colder weather & I know the engine runs a little hotter so I try to take them off when it is above 55-60 degrees , also the lowers only helps with the road spray , when the rain is coming down the drops are everywhere & your going to get wet no matter what IMO:eam
  8. Willie G.

    Willie G. Member