Air/fuel Ratio Gauge Question?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Rod Stewart, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Rod Stewart

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    I just finished installing a Dobeck EJK tuner, which replaced an older failed TFI module. This is on an '04 95 inch TC. (The folks at Dobeck are first class all the way IMO! Very helpful.)
    The install went well and it seems to work great.
    Set up is quite easy and intuitive, but you are still tuning in the dark as far as what your actual air/fuel ratio is.
    I am wondering if anyone has experience with any aftermarket air/fuel ratio gauges?

    I have looked at the Dobeck offering, but the installation looks ungainly.
    I have looked at two Innovate Motorsports units, the G5 and MTX-L. They look fine, but apparently the wiring bundle and connectors are not too slick.
    Amazon sells an AEM 30-4100, which looks pretty good, and the price is right at $164. Customer feedback is quite positive.
    Anyone have any other favorites installed on their bike?

  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I'm not exactly clear what you mean by "ungainly" when you talk about the Dobeck unit. Do you not like the way it looks or does the installation seem too involved? I installed the gauge on the left handlebar of my Street Glide and it's easy to use and unobtrusive, IMHO. No worse than the clocks and phone/GPS holders I've seen on some bikes.
  3. tourbox

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    The gauge has to work off an O2 sensor. Do you or did you install one on your bike with the EJK? '04 didn't have O2 sensor.. I run the Gen4 on my '12 FLHTCU and really like it. Simple install.
  4. Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart Active Member

    I should have been a bit more specific.
    Mine is an '04 and does not have O2 sensors.
    The Dobeck install video shows drilling a hole in the front down pipe and threading in some kind of housing or sensor holder. No problem there, but then it sticks out a few inches and the sensor mounts into it I think. Then you wire that to the gauge.
    It just seems kind of awkward to me. I should maybe watch the video again.
    I am sure with later bikes that have O2 sensors already, you just tap into the sensor wiring and its all quite clean.