Air filter need ecm recalibration??

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    I have this question for you:
    My bike is a 2008 flhx i have supertrapp slip-on with 20 discs for side, now i would to install an air filter (SE).
    It is necessary to do a recalibration?
    Dealer said i must install a Power commander! There is other solution to install only the filter?
    I'm not interested about high power...i would only modify it for install a round smooth cover.
    Thank you very much
  2. glider

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    With the installation of the air filter (stage 1) you have to add fuel but you are not limited to the PC as the dealer said. You can choose from a host of fuelers on the market. I like the TFI because it is user friendly, no maps to deal with and just adds fuel so you don't end up with pinging problems like some have trying to work with the PC. It's not going to wring the last HP out of the engine like some others will but it is a good choice to get to where you want to be with minimal fuss.

    Look through this section for some suggestions.

    Diagnostics, Alarms/Security, and Fuel Injection Related. - Harley Davidson Community

    Also here's the page for the TFI.

    Motorcycle Fuel Injection Kits and Electronic Fuel Injection Systems - EFI