AGM batteries must be junk ?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by rokhedjo, Nov 26, 2008.

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    I would like to know if I just got a bad battery when i purchased my 04 sporty, or are all of the Harley brand "agm" batteries junk? Ever since I have had the bike [4 years now ] I have to keep a trickle charger on it , or it will just barely crank the bike. Finally , it gave up the ghost, and wont crank it at all now. My real question is should I buy another HD brand and hope to get a better one, or buy another brand ? ? ? ?
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  2. kemo

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    You should also consider using a battery tender.
  3. SledDog

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    I use Sears DieHard motorcycle batteries. They make one that is build to help withstand the vibrations of a Big twin. I don't keep them on a tender. But I do give all my bike a good run every week.

    The ones I had in all 3 of my Harleys last an average of 4 years. And that's not bad, considering one of my bikes is a Shovel Head.
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    No problems here. I replaced my first battery after about 3 years and have had the second one in my bike about 3 years and it is going strong. I started using a battery tender after replacing my first battery.
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    Agree Smitty always had better luck HD batteries.
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    I still have the original battery on my Road King Classic, 8years and 10months old and it is still going strong, I have my bike connected to a optimate and this has kept my battery in good condition. I intend to leave it on my bike as long as it lasts, as I am now curious how long it will really last.

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    One thing I didnt see in the self help section reguarding the newer sealed Agm style batteries.They contain very little water so overcharging is the fastest way to kill them.Do not ever jump start them using a pack,or another vehicle as the increased amps will evaporate what little water they do contain.Same can be said for the new car batteries.Never had bad luck with an HD battery.
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    My battery experience w/all the cars/trucks/bikes I've owned (my bro confirms he's had the same experience) they can last four winters, maybe five.

    Had more than one die on me in the 6th winter leaving me stranded. Now when a battery has experienced it's fourth winter, I start looking to replace it.

    Letting a battery drain (like a bike sitting all winter w/o battery tender) is a good way to kill it.

    All the HD batteries (five) I've ever bought worked fine. I killed one by letting it sit all winter on my 2008 XL 1200. The new HD security systems draw a constant charge, draining the battery. The solution is a battery tender.