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  1. bcortani

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    Hi, I have a stock 08 Softail heritage. I am not a wrencher, but want to slowly add some upgrades. I am trying to decide what would be the most beneficial first add-on, Air Filter upgrade, EMC upgrade (I am liking the Twin Tec so far) or I might add engine bars...I am about 4 hrs from the closest HD dealership so I want to avoid anything that requires a remap or whatever. What are your thoughts?

    Oh, and my ride only has 4700 miles, so I am not looking for any engine mods, also, I understand that the ECM will help add a bit of power and help her run cooler, even if everything else is stock, ECM still a good idea? I love learning on here.
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  2. tacotruck

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    My frist up grade was SE slip on mufflers, and replaced the stock air filter, for a K&N stock replacment filter, untill I could find the right air intake system for me and was able to afford it. I noticed power gains just by doing that. 2 years after the first up grades, I just put on SE heavy breather and TFI Gen3,I now have all the power "I need". I don't know how to work on bikes but I installed everything myself, with no problems. Hope that helps some.
  3. Bodeen

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    Yep, stage 1 first. New high flow A/C and new exhaust with the addition of some fuel with a fueler of some sort. Lots of good things said about TFI and forum members receive a discount. If your military an even deeper discount.

  4. kzoo

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    Mine came to me with stage I so the first thing I added was an engine guard to protect it a bit when I drop it. Not if, when!
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    The spill bar would be a wise purchase. As to performance mods, tacotruck has made a good point. Mufflers might be the first upgrade. The changing of the air filter element alone is not going to achieve the gain your looking for. The TFI is a good addition for a stock bike and will give a wide range of adjustment as you add more performance upgrades.....
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    One of the first thing I did on mine was to put some saddlebag shaper to ensure that my bags would keep their original shape. The bags tend to loose their rigidity and shape over time so first thing is to take action rapidly to avoid the sagging.


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    Everyone here is dead on with the advice, but I have a question... what do you want most from the bike?

    If you want a little more performance and for it to run better, then

    Air intake, exhaust, fuel control (Stage 1) is the first step. Do all three of those at that same time since they all need to balance to keep the bike running right.

    If you want looks, then

    Engine (drop) bars, floorboards, grips, seat, etc.

    Pick your poison and follow the path.

    I own an 09 Heritage, and I will tell you that doing the Stage 1 will change the way you look at the bike. It will feel like a different machine, and it improved my ride a lot. Since the Heritage is already built with a lot of cosmetic appeal I would defiantly suggest this route.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    You need to think either cosmetic(BLING) or adding TFI for more fuel as in a stage 1:s
  9. GroundHawg

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    First thing I did was add the riders essential package. Gets you the engine guard, passenger floor boards and the luggage rack. All 3 have gotten use :D

    Stage 1 is next.
  10. Digger Guy

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    For me the engine guard was the right add on at the right time. Dropped bike 2 days later, very slow right turn and touched the front brake. Lesson learned. The essential package is a good thing. Then add the adjustable foot pegs so the 4 hour ride to the dealer will be even more enjoyable. My favorite is toe on the peg and heel on the running board.