Adjust mixture on EFI? 2006 FXDBI

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cdn-bigfoot, Mar 27, 2008.

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    I am just flying to Arizona to pick-up my new (to me) 2006 Dyna Street Bob, FXDBI. I plan on getting on and riding 1800+ miles over the next 6 days.
    I am concerned a long ride on an unfamiliar and somewhat customized bike may be hard on the engine. It has a Kuryakin Hypercharger and V&H dual longshot pipes. I don't know what's been done to control the EFI (stage 1..?).
    I know how to do a plug chop and what a good, lean or rich plug looks like. How do I adjust my mixture on the EFI if things don't look right.

    I don't want to blow up my new ride!:sd
  2. glider

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    Not adjustable on the fly. You need to add a PC III or a TFI. The owner should know what was done. If it had the HD download, you should be OK to get it home but it would run better with more fuel over the download.

    I like the TFI for installation and setup ease.I run it on mine.

    The plug chop will not show you much without the lead in the fuel any longer. You will see color from the additive packages mostly now.

    Motorcycle Fuel Injection Kits and Electronic Fuel Injection Systems - EFI
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    It was a repo, I think.
    Owner that did the work likely won't be in any mood to answer my questions.
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    You can go to your local dealer and they can run the #'s and see where the bike was previously serviced, and what for :coffee there are a few things you can check yourself, but in the end since you cannot make many adjustements your self it's kinda moot. If it's cold starting and hot starting with authority, running and shifting without hesitation and no black or blue or white smoke coming from her, I'd say you good to go anywhere.:51: