adding a Baisley spring and adj pushrods to camplate upgrade

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    Hi all,
    I am about to do the camplate upgrade on a 06 EGC to change over to the new style tensioners. Since the SE camplate upgrade comes with the new style oil pump would adding a Baisley spring be a good idea or with then new oil pump with better volume and I am assuming pressure capability will it not be needed?
    Also since I am doing this upgrade and adding SE 204 cams while they are doing the camplate upgrade, would it be a good idea to add adjustable pushrods while I am having this done? Would the SE tapered adjustables be a good choice if it is?

    Thanks for any thoughts,

  2. kemo

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    You don't need the Baisley spring and the adj push rods will save shop time, and gaskets, and any time you need to service the lifters you only have to slacken of the push rods to change the lifters.