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  1. cdn-bigfoot

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    Have you ever tallied up all the aftermarket parts you've put on your bike?:newsmile105:

    I just did. Uuuuuh. How did this happen?:newsmile07:

    2006 Harley Davidson FXDBI Street Bob

    2007 Victory Vegas Jackpot front billet aluminum 5 spoke 21” wheel “Monaco” (2.15” rim width)
    w/ Metzeller ME 880 120/70-21 bias ply tire
    2004 Harley Davidson Deuce chrome 17” solid rear wheel
    (4.5” rim width)
    w/ Metzeller ME 880 170/60R17 radial tire
    Kuryakin Hypercharger - chrome with K&N high flow filter
    HD Airfoil grips
    HD Airfoil extended pegs
    HD Airfoil Shifter peddle
    HD Airfoil passenger pegs
    HD passenger peg mounts
    HD Airfoil vented derby cover
    Custom chromed dash and ignition switch
    Cobra Speedster shorts pipes w/quiet baffles (also have loud baffles)
    Cobra FI2000R Closed Loop fuel injection controller
    Memphis shades “slim” quick detach windshield.
    HD 2-up seat
    HD Streetbob solo seat (stock oem)
    HD quick detach sideplates
    HD “low” backrest with Willi G Skull badge
    HD 5 bar chrome luggage rack
    Motherwell chrome rear fender mount luggage rack
    HD LED 6-shooter fuel gauge
    HD 6-shooter fuel cap
    300mm full floating front brake rotor - Victory part
    HD chrome battery box band
    HD Street Slammer bar w/internal wiring
    HD front signal relocate to top triple tree
    HD smoke signal light lenses all around
    HD signal light visors all around
    HD rear signal relocate to plate holder
    HD CVO FatBob mirrors
    Kuryakin smoke LED laydown tail light
    Leather quick release sideplate mounted saddlebags
    Leather fork bag
    Barnett Stainless steel braided Throttle and Idle cables
    Barnett Stainless Steel braided front brake line
    HD “Willie G Skull” front axle nut covers
    HD “Willie G Skull” rear axle nut covers
    HD “Willie G Skull” license plate bolts
    HD 2007 Night Train tank badge
    HD Chrome fender struts


    What have you got on your ride?
    Let's see a picture.
  2. Hoople

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    So you went with the Metzeller ME 880 170/60R17 radial tire. You did not change your aspect ratio after all.
  3. Hoople

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    I am sure you have seen the bumper sticker that says,,

    "I spent 90% of my money on Wild Girls and Booze. The other 10% I wasted"
  4. stefdustin

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    I am too old to see that figure. I just shine those add ons and don't think about it.
  5. glider

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    Just a few trinkets for me....:D

    • Fender skirt V Logo
    • Kuryakyn extended heat shield
    • Billit shift linkage
    • Billet shifter levers
    • Shift pegs (2)
    • Billit brake lever
    • Brake pedal
    • Head bold covers
    • Caliper inserts
    • Front Floorboard covers (top)
    • Rear Floorboard covers (top)
    • Rear Floorboard (underside)
    • Soft lowers
    • Saddlebag guards
    • FLHR Stem clock
    • Banjo bolt covers (4)
    • Air pump (shocks)
    • Kuryakyn tail light cover
    • Kuryakyn Dash insert
    • Kuryakyn Regulator cover
    • Stage 1 Intake
    • K&N HD 0800 filter
    • Chrome fork air baffle
    • Dash panel complete (kury)
    • Clutch cable P Clip
    • Chrome reflector housings-frame
    • Rear aux brake/running lights
    • R Brake mounts
    • Kuryakyn cylinder base cover
    • Kuryakyn mid frame chrome covers
    • Chrome Drain screws
    • Timer cover
    • Chrome rear foot peg base kit (FLHX)
    • Rear passenger pegs (replaced boards)
    • Peg Mount bolt kit (chrome)
    • Isolated Drive System
    • Front bullet turn signals
    • Front Visors for above
    • Rear Turn Bullet Bar
    • Rear visors for above
    • Rear red lenses
    • Passing visor bezels
    • T/S visor bezels
    • Headlamp bezel
    • Chrome rear Master Cyl cover
    • Chrome Transmission interface
    • Chrome handlebars
    • Chrome clutch cable ferrules (2)
    • TFI (1250ST)
    • Alarm smart siren
    • License plate frame
    • Gerbing heated gloves
    • Kury Inner primary cover
    • Kury Lizard lights
    • Frog mouth neutral switch cover
    • Chrome Starter solenoid end cover
    • Chrome Tri bar LED Rear fender tip light kit (FLHX)
    • Caliper insert (oil cap)
    • Trans dip stick CH
    • Chrome FLT front-end package
    Chrome fork kit-sliders/cowbells
    Axle spacers/axle covers
    Chrome hand levers
    Chrome master cylinder & clutch perch
    Chrome front master cylinder cover
    Aileron grips
    Chrome switch housings
    Chrome switch bolt kit
    Harness retainer
  6. bwalsh22

    bwalsh22 Junior Member

    Ok, once of these days I will post a updated pic.

    Already on when I purchased it.
    • Thunderheader Exhaust
    • Stage I - Big Sucker
    • Fin covers all around
    • blacked out forks
    • blaked out handlebars
    • Kuryakn flush mount gas cap and gauge
    • Mothers solo rack
    • Chrome Headlight Trim Ring
    • probably a few more that I am just not aware of too

    Then added by me.
    • Black Typhoon Wheels, front and back
    • Wide Tire Kit
    • Screaming Eagle front tire
    • Mustang Day Tripper Seat
    • Gloss Black forward controls
    • Smoked Lenses, front and back
    • Black Diamond Foot pegs
    • New Black Fin Derby Cover (since I scraped the other one on a drop)
    • Quick Detach Tinted Windshield
    • Windshield Bag

    I don't even want to look again at the list I have running for the stuff I want, the stuff I need, and the stuff to make it 2-up. That list is currently around another 2K which I will be chipping off slowly over the next couple years.
  7. ultrat

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    Seeing all you guys stuff in a list, i dont feel so bad. bout mine.....
  8. johns07gmc

    johns07gmc Member

    None, 2 new trucks are preventing me from adding add ons dang it.
  9. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    Jeeze; Compared to some, I'm almost bone stock. :D

    fork wind deflectors
    shift shaft cap
    windshield organizer
    tour pack antenna
    docking kit
    quick detach rack
    klever lever
    8" dark smoked windshield
    seat pin
    saddlebag latches
    streamliner shift peg
    streamliner brake pedal
    soft lowers
    windshield tri
    fork air baffle, black
    contour windshield
    Y cable for radio antenna
    Teclusion/Doebuck TFI fuel pack
    oil temp. gauge
    screamin eagle air filter assy.
    Kuryakyn ISO grips
    garmin handlebar mount
    hot toppers bolt cover kit
    gap heat shield
    chrome timer cover
    Fiamm? hiway blaster horn
    Rush slip on mufflers 1.5" baffles
  10. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Going to stop throwing goodies on my 07 Streetbob, The Mrs. says if we pay off her Rav 4 I can get a Trike, so motherswell fender rack HD engine guard, cycle shack turn out exhaust SE wires and plugs is all its going to get as I will give the Dyna to The Boss when I get the Trike:s