Aching hands, arms and shoulders

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    I'm sure that there are experts here that can answer this before I go out and buy anything, so I figured I'd ask first!!

    I've noticed that when I go on a long ride (an hour or more) on my Ultra Classic, my hands arms and shoulders begin to hurt and ache a little. Since I've been paying attention to it, it seems that I am leaning more forward, than I did on my Heritage, and putting more pressure on my hands. I think that if I installed a set of risers ( 2 - 3" pull back ) it may solve that problem. What I'm wondering is will my cables (clutch, brake, throttle) be long enough or will I need to get longer ones? Any better ideas?
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    Cant answer your riser question. There are many here (including me) that have switched to the heritage bars. The Road King takes no cable changes and it makes a a big difference. Use the search function at the top of the page. Search heritage bars and you'll find enough reading to keep you busy for quite awhile.

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    Heritage bars won't fit on a FLHTC, the lower part is'nt wide enough. But you can buy taller bars that will fit and roll them back a little and ISO grips may help your hands or check out if you would like adjustible bars so you can adjust untill you can get it right without taking the fairing apart to adjust like the stock type. And made in the USA.
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    Try a back rest. Less tension = more relaxed riding...
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    I had the same problem as you, Your handle bars will move on your bike, by raising mine up only 1 inch the pain in my shoulder was gone. The next problem I had to fix was my right hand kept going numb, that problem was solved by changing the stock grips to the iso ones. Good Luck,,,
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    Did not tell us how old you are. :s
    Could be old age setting in...Like in my case..:newsmile100:
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    Have you tried some stretching exercises before riding?

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    Setting bike up to fit you is key and should have been done at the dealer when you took delivery of your bike. Part of the problem is you need to have someone hold the bike up, while you sit with a straight back, close your eyes with left and right hands in palms down but relaxed wrist. See how close the bar can be rotated to match up to your reach as close as possible. Check if you fingers naturally grip and can actuate control levers with out changing hand angle...if necessary rotate the lever bracket and master cylinder so both levers feel level with two fingers, then all four easily and do not go all the way to the grip when pressed hard.

    Next check your foot control placement for proper angle so no cramping in the calves and shins. Your legs should feel natural and not "spread eagle"...that would be for the highway bar peg placement NOT for normal forwards and controls. Again, you feet should feel level, if you use heel and toe controls you should be able to put your actuate toe and heel shifter without lifting foot high.
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    I had the same problem when I went from a heritage to my 07 EGC ,I hated it was uncomfortable and in pain,tried several different bars finally put 13" cyclesmiths on it, now I went from dfw to sturgis two days up two back no sweat can ride all day now. BTW im 6' felt like I was reaching down to the bars allmost like riding a sport bike ,these bars are above the fairing though also require +4 cables. You can make clutch work if you run outside the fairing but I ran mine inside.
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    The back rest along with the cruise control is great however now I'm going to use an Ace elastic elbow support for my right elbow.

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