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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by shawn young, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. shawn young

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    I hope someone can help: I have a 94 wideglide stock CV carb that I rebuild, Now there is gas leaking out of the accelerator pump and it really comes out when i twist the throtle. I replaced the accelerator pump diaphragm and o-ring. I also checked the float level, wasn't sure if the wrong float level would cause it to leak out of the pump or not, Yes the float level is right. What the heck is the problem.
    Please help...
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    By leaking out, do you mean from the accelerator nozzle in the throat of the carb.? And when you twist it, it squirts a lot from there? Is your accelerator pump rod adjusted too tight? There is a check valve under the nozzle that may be stuck open. Flushing with the nozzle from a spray can of carb. cleaner may help. I'm a bit puzzled because the acc. pump should only pump when the diaphragm is flexed, released then flexed again, not continuous.
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    Are you sure you got the o-ring and daiphram in the housing correctly? Where exactly is it leaking? Or is it spewing everywhere?
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    Sorry should have said with the bike shut off I twist the throttle and gas comes out of the acceierator pump boot that the rod goes through. Yes On the diaphragm and o-ring they are in right. I have had it apart two or three times, I even bought a new diaphragm thinking the first one I bought was bad.
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    I've run into this before. Some of the rebuild kits I've seen have an O ring for the pump in them that is the wrong type for a 1994. I bet your old O ring was wider and a little fatter than the one from the rebuild kit. Unless the old O ring is completely shot, re-install it. If it's shot, go to the HD dealer and get the correct one. Be carefull not to over tighten the screws for the accel pump.

    The original style O ring is flatter on the top and bottom and fits much better then a round O ring. It's also a little thicker.
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  6. shawn young

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    I trashed the old o-ring, so i will get one from the dealer.

    Thanks for the help, was getting tired of taking that carb apart but one more time won't kill me.