ABS Bike runs rough when brakes applied

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oldgeezer, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. oldgeezer

    oldgeezer Active Member

    With my bike idling, if i apply the front brake (have not checked the rear) the bike shudders and runs noticeably rougher. Yesterday was the first time I noticed it. It may have been doing it all along. Is this normal?
  2. Bud White

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    is it actually running rought or just more shaking since the brakes are on ? mine shakes more when brakes are on but doesnt run rougher ..
  3. futurerider

    futurerider Active Member

    Starnge, I actually noticed this on my 2009 RK (w/ABS) yesterday. Thought I was imagining it. Seems to be a very slight differance in the idle I assuned it was just the alternator working harder because of the brake lights.
    How noticable is yours?
  4. cavs1429

    cavs1429 Member

    my 09 does it and i checked my friends 09 street glide it does it also. bike idleing not moving hit front brake runs rough its normal
  5. mqhybrid

    mqhybrid Active Member

    Have more vibration because the unbalanced engine. Look at the front enf next time its idling. watch the front end next time. when brakes apply your stoping it from moving so much
  6. larryjmiller

    larryjmiller Junior Member

    I noticed it about the time I found the 2 allen head screws on the tranny cover loose. I haven't tried it since I tightened those 2 bolts. It's late and if I started up the beast in the garage tonight, I might wake up with a bobitt. I told a buddy of mine about it and It was easy to duplicate. Just like you said, at a standstill, when you squeeze the front brake lever something makes a racket. Let go of the brake handle and rattle goes away. He has an 09 RK w/o ABS and it does not do it on his bike although he does not have that many miles yet. I'll check it tomorrow night.
  7. oldgeezer

    oldgeezer Active Member

    you may have it described closer to what it is doing. I know it does shake a little. I could have just thought it was in the idling. Had never noticed it and thought something was wrong. Thanks for all the responses.
  8. Retrop

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    My 2009 Touring bike does pick up a little bit of a vibration when I sit at a stop light and hold down on the front brake. If I relax the front brake the vibs stop. It is insignificant and not a problem for me. I believe that by engaging the front brake at idle you are just transfering a little of the shake that goes on when a Harley idles. Just for the heck of it, when you are idling at a stop sign and notice the vibration when you engage the front brake, pick up the rpms a little and I will bet the vibration goes away. That is just the way the beast is. I call it character. If you own a Harley, new or old...it has character. The only way to rid your Harley of it's distinctive character would be to trade it in for a, shall I say it...a Honda Goldwing. Goldwings are Harleys that have been neutered. You know, steers. Still,, they are nice, just no character.
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  9. billnapabill

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    I hadn't noticed this..........I wonder if your loading the charging system and draging the engine down a bit. Is this only on the ABS equipped bikes? Does anybody know what kinda amprage that system draws? My 09 CVO idles rough sometimes but I always assumed it was the rear cylinder cut off and had not noticed if it was brake affiliated.
  10. FLHXTom29715

    FLHXTom29715 Active Member

    X2 Not that this would be part of it, but when was your bike made, have you had the M-1251 service bulletin service done on your ABS system, early '09 ABS control modules lock the ABS a littler earlier than the revision or later '09 Best T