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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Badgerw, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Badgerw

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    Is there any time that it is better to purchase a bike? I was just wondering if a Harley dealer will perhaps cut a better deal lets say at the end of the month? Or how about the last week of December prior to the new year?
  2. glider

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    I depends on how many bikes they moved that month whether they will deal more to sell one. If you wait till the end of the month, you can usually tell by their eagerness to sell you a bike if you are going to get a good deal.

    Don't forget to get your best price first and don't be afraid to offer them less than they tell you it will cost. When they just will not move any more, then is the time to get the freebie's to make the deal happen. Remember that the mark up on the parts they sell is usually close to 100% so judge accordingly. You are usually good for about $4-5 hundred at face value if they want to sell you the bike. Skip the free services as a bargaining chip. You usually get what you pay for here.:s

    The local dealer here is offering a tax back of what you pay for the tax to register the bike or 2K off the selling price. Use this as a tool with your dealer to negotiate a better price.
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  3. fin_676

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    I find the best time here to be november just after the first fall of snow
    but ive never seen a harley dealer so dont know if they would move on price like other dealers

  4. 03classic

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    towards the end of riding season if they are sitting on inventory.Also when new models arrive and they still have lots of previous year bikes in stock.
  5. nolafishr

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    I would say November also, it is after the New Models are out and they still have older Models to move and plus it is the Holiday Season!
  6. arkie

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    I haven't tried to negotiate with a dealer lately, but what I see from the few shops I check on from time to time is that they add on all sorts of stuff and jack the price up accordingly. You just about can't find a 'stock' bike anymore. Maybe that could give some room to deal.

    The real eye-opener (around here anyway) is the various dealer's sudden willingness to trade for anything. Not just non-harleys, but lawn mowers, cars, tractors, even a travel trailer. Early last year I wanted to trade a Kawasaki and you'd thought I just insulted their dog. About a month ago I was at a dealer that had about 10 new bikes in the show room and probably 25 used bikes (Honda etc) outside they had traded for or were (gasp) doing service on.

    I'd never seen that before, but I guess the economy humbles everyone these days...
  7. lionsm53

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    I bought a new S G last the other day, and I got the dealer to come off the MSRP 1100. He was not interested in taking my 99 softail though.

    The bike is an 09 and does not have the catalytic converter in the head pipe as I'm told that all the 10's do, and beings how it is technically a new bike it is still 1 year old, so this is a selling point as well, (old inventory).

    If I want to sell it I will probably have to try on my own. That's how you would get the most for your bike, but you run the risk of just keeping your bike too, but the dealer really does not want your bike.

    A friend also bought a new S G as well and tried to get them to take his just freshly painted 80" shovel and they wouldn't do it either, so there you have it.
  8. silentflyer

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    Went out Saturday, took a 2010 Road Glide for a test ride, nice bike, but they wanted me to give them my 2003 Softail and not willing to budge a dime on the MSRP....I might trade up, but not at what the wanted for the deal.