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    I think from time-to-time, it is worth one of us taking a brief moment to give all of us here a quick and gentle reminder of why some of the rules are as they are here on HDTalking.com. So this is that gentle note.

    HDTalking.com is a private site. We are ALL guests here including the Moderators. While we do value all the points of view that our members and guest have and express here, we do so while considering the rules that have been established by the owners of the site. This is especially true with respect to the language tolerated (or NOT tolerated) here, and the mutual respect expected of all members for each other. The "First Amendment" argument that some violator of the rules try to bring up is a moot point. We welcome a diversity of ideas, beliefs, and opinions AS LONG AS THOSE ARE EXPRESSED IN A WAY THAT FOLLOW ALL THE RULES.

    After an attempt to correct rules violations by issuing some minor infractions or "vacations", some people are asked to leave the site for continued violations. A few respond with great vitriol using an abundance of profanity and personal attacks against the owners or managers of the site. This type of behavior confirms that the decision to ask those people to leave the site was the right one. The overall objectives of the rules, and the enforcement of those rules by the team of moderators, is to defend the site from degrading into an environment that IS NOT conducive to the open exchange of ideas, experience, beliefs and opinions.

    So for the vast majority of the members and guest here on HDTalking.com that follow the rules and even value the rules, CHEERS to you. I know I am preaching to the choir. For those that are on the fence but have something to contribute, please review the rules. To the few that want it their way only, please find another site. There are plenty of other site that have different standard of acceptable behavior.

    Thank you for your attention.


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  3. glyd-n

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    Well said,TQ. Even though I'm sure we all use certain language, I appreciate the fact that the forum is kept clean in respect and regards to all.
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    Well said TQ, thanks!!:cheers

    Take care and ride safe eh!!:D
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    Great reminder!! The rules are what make this site head and shoulders above the others. Keep up the good work and a little re-reminder every now and then doesn't hurt.
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    Very well said. And thanks to the moderators and owners for providing the environment.
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    Thanks guys, I very much enjoy this site. I visit the site at least once a day, some days more. Keep up the good work!
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    I for one am proud to say I'm a member of a forum that young children can read. Thank you HDTalking for allowing me to be here. :D
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    T Q nailed it again, I am proud to be here and glad you all put up with my rambling, my wife doesnt LOL, great site thanks to all, Jack
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    Ditto on all accounts.:cheers That's ROOTbeer at my house by the way. :D
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