A New Car Aint What It Used To Be

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Dr.Evil, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Dr.Evil

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    Thank's Harley!

    Just picked up a 2011 Jeep liberty Sport last night. You think after 13 years in a somewhat rundown S-10 Blazer I would be as happy as all get out. I find myself torn in two about this. I love driving a vehicle that doesn’t pull to the left and vibrate going over 55mph. The problem is that, with the beater I could devote 100% of my vehicle care to the Harley, and completely ignore the truck. Now I find myself thinking how nice a coat of wax will look on the new ride, and I haven’t even cleaned the bugs off my wind screen from last Sunday yet. A new car is just not as exciting as it was before the bike came along.


    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    Well I hear ya I too am the same as you but I have a weekly ritual . Saturday morning get grocery's , get home wash both my and the wifes car . I to bought a Liberty 2 years ago and I love it to death . It's the only vechicle I can drive for 3 hrs straight and not have my lower back start hurting and the wifes car is a 07 CTS Cadillac , after 1 hr driving it I can feel it in my back . Congrats on the Jeep wash it then polish the bike that's what I do , then park the Jeep and ride the bike .
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    Sorry to hear about your new car Dr.Evil. i have a 01 blazer with a warped dash and no dash lights plus multiple little paint chips and lots of fading. 2 Hds and working on a 3rd, wife says she doesn't mind walking to the river to bring the water home after the laundry if the blazer breaks. we all need to make sacrifices at times:D
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    I'll take your problem, you can have my 01 VW Jetta that has not been really washed in 3 years since I got the bike. 165K miles and going strong...I desperately want a new one, but thankfully the summer helps me forget about the car, hopefully by winter I'll be ready for a new one, since that is when I usually start wanting a new car the most...and I can't figure out why ;)
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    Bought a new Mustang a few months back...have the same problem.. not enough time for both of them.
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    My wife drives one, my kid drives one. I am left with only the bike. I ride it everyday and love every minute of it. They do the washing and waxing on there own vehicles, I do mine. I find I have more spare time then they do because I can Pledge mine in minutes.:D

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    I may have a simple solution.

    Instead of using wax for the new car, use Pledge.

    Might save you time so you can get back to the bike sooner.

    As long as you have the Pledge out you can give the bike a quick touch up.

    It would make Glider happy to hear you're using more Pledge!
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    Still driving my 1988 4Runner that I bought new in '88. 210,000 miles which for these vehicles is just getting broken in. Although she's not much to look at, mechanically it's still a sound vehicle. And, the best part is, if she get's dirty, who cares?
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    My garage is filled w/wife's van, son's car, my truck & HD...four vehicles = too many weekend washing manhours so I find myself spending way too much $$$ in automatic car wash fees...$5-$7 a pop to wash vehicle(s) is getting $pendy...BTW - bike gets handwashed (only) and is the cleanest :s
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    Only on a motorcycle forum do you receive condolences for buying a new car :laugh