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    I was in the local Harley dealership last week checking out the 2009 Heritage Softail & Fat Boy. The dealer told me that he would make me a "great deal" on the 2009 bikes.The conversation really went no further than that. I am waiting to see what comes out for 2010. I know that the 2010 bikes will be introduced on the 25th of this month. What would be considered a "great deal"? What is the dollar amount off the 2009 bikes that would have to be offered so that you would choose an 2009 over the same model 2010.
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    I would safely say $2K + off MSRP to get me interested, then don't forget the extras included in that price to sweeten the deal like some chrome, leather of a helmet and some gloves.

    The local here is offering 2K off so it's not unreasonable.

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  3. threesteps

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    Heritage Cycles in Fort Walton Beach had been offer discounts on bikes the past week or so. I believe they were knocking off about $800-$1000 on some softails. I tried checking their website but did not see any sale info. You might give them a call.
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    The dealership in Gettysburg, PA has been offering $1500 off of MSRP for about
    a month now for Softails. Touring bikes anywhere from $2000-3000. A buddy of mine in the market and me visited 5 dealers in PA and one in MD last week and only the one in Chambersburg said they would deal and take $500 off of a Street Glide. Gettysburg only had a vivid black one marked $2000 off of factory MSRP.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am new at this and really appreciate all the help I can get.
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    The Dealerships here in Arizona are pretty desperate to sell as well. I was able to see their Sales chart while in the office and the have seen a major decline over the last 4 months. Total sales for July - 3 for a team of 5 Sales people.