99 Twin Cam milage with bad cam bearing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDSickness, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Wanted to find out what kind if milage others have on thier 99 twin cams with the bad cam bearing and if you had it go out at what milage?
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    My nephew,s outter cam bearing went bad with 15000 miles on the clock.

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    I Noticed chipped shoes while I went in to change out the Bearing at about 14,000 miles ...So ordered all the parts for MY conversion. New SS 570 gear drive cams, Delkron cam plate , Fueling oil pump and their Lifters.. AND a lot of other build parts.

    Glad I decided then and there to do it Right..

    Upon taking all apart to go with Gear drives SS cams Noticed the Tin Cover Holding the ball bearing spacer READY to go.....a CRACKED tin spacer was the problem that caused the balls to move to one side and causing the cam to BLOW OUT...

    On my EARLY 2ooo FXDS with the Build Date on the front Down Tube showing
    dec 15 99... IF it would of been the second 1/2 year on 2ooo bike, showing Build Date 00 it would of had the newer style Roller Bearing instead of the Ball type on the Drive Cam(rear)..

    I Knew of the problem Right off Before HD came out with the Blaw Blaw they put out.. Promising NO Matter how many owners later, Fixing the bike IF it showed a problem(usually blowing up)..

    They LIED. (.) one member here that I finally found had the problem and when they pursued it with HD ,,,, Was told (hear say from that member) IT was Too Late as They felt any not fixed BY the now 10 years would Not be covered any longer....

    As an owner of the early 2ooo I do remember NO Time Limit on their Promise.

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    I got my '99 Ultra with 65,000 on the clock and did the tensioner and inner cam bearing upgrade almost immediately. The outer tensioner was shot, and by that I mean 90% gone and the inner wasn't much better. My advice is to pull the nosecone and check things out ASAP. There are a lot of great "how to's" on this site, especially the one by TQ. Good luck.