97 Road King Bars

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tigercreek, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. tigercreek

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    I picked up a 97 Road King (ex police bike) .
    I'm trying to work out the bugs/wiring/etc while I am waiting on the shop manual to arrive.
    One of the many small problems I've found is that the bars are loose and there is no adjustment left. I even tried replacing the two-piece riser clamps with a one-piece just to see if it would help. Better but still loose.
    The PO was using aluminum shims to help take up the slack.
    The bars are heavy 1 1/4 with a 1" center clamp area.
    The risers are the factory original pieces.
    I am guessing the bars are not factory original.
    Should the clamp area be 1 1/4 for the factory original risers?
  2. SledDog

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    The stock bars are 1" and so are the risers. You may want to try a stock set of bars.