97 RK Left Side Oil Leak

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by stefdustin, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I have a 97 Road King with about 45k that has never had a drop of oil under it since new. After riding it for the first time last weekend I went to the garage to clean it up for this weekend and it had a puddle of oil under it right behind the side stand. I laid on the floor and can't see where it is coming from. I figured it could be the outer primary cover and thought I would go get a gasket tomorrow and install it. Is there anyone else that has had the problem. Is there something that I could be over looking. Any help appreciated. HATE THOSE LEAKS! :(
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    As Tbones has said oil can migrate along the underside of a bike and drop off at the lowest point
    so clean underside of bike with a degreaser then take it for a wee run get it warm then inspect the underside for oil
    pulling the bike to bits and changing seals may not give the desired result

  3. Breeze3at

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    I had not ridden my Dyna for several months. After the first ride, I also had some oil under it. I knew it was trans oil by the thickness and smell. Since then it has been dry.
    I'd give it a few miles before tearing things apart. You might get lucky like me.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Another good reason to not run the same fluid in all holes - helps you ID any fluid on the floor.
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    First, what kind of tranny vent line does yours have? If it is a little black "J" tube off of a 90* el on the side of the top cover, replace that with a couple of feet of hose from the autoparts store, running that hose over to the other (right) side of the tranny and down under the bike where the other overflow is.

    Also check that your primary drain plug is not loose or backed out a bit. Careful with this since it should be a pipe thread plug. Don't over-tighten.

    But, I agree with the suggestion above to clean the bike very carefully using a degreaser and lots of soap and water to get it spotless. Take it for a ride long enough to get the engine oil up to operating temperature, and the fluid in the tranny and primary at least warm to the touch.

    Immediately after getting back from the ride, inspect the bike carefully at all the gasketted surfaces, sealed, and oring areas. See if there is a leak visible first. If not obvious, run a clean white rag or paper towel along those same areas one-at-a-time to see it there is any show. Don't do a bunch at once since you will not be able to ID any leak's source. This should ID if you have any leaks

  6. stefdustin

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    Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I have got the underside clean and dry and ready to take it for a ride. I will post the findings later.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Check the primary drain plug just because:s

    98ROADKING Member

    i have a 98 RK and like you, noticed for the first time, yesterday after a short ride that i had a few drips on the left side...but i think mine is coming from the primary inspection cover so just picked up a new derby cover gasket today and will replace tommorrow.
  9. stefdustin

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    Just wanted to thank all you good people for the tips on the oil leak. I found the problem..... It turned out to be the seal around the wires that go to the stator. It was a simple fix with just a little silicone sealer. Just took the bike on a 300 mile ride yesterday and looked today and there was no oil on the floor and all levels were full. Thanks a bunch for the tips. :D
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    I had the same problem, but only after I switched to Synthetic in the primary, I bought my bike used and decided to change everything to the exspensive stuff, one oil all three holes, well thats when she started leaking out the stator plug hole. Switched back to regular 20/50 and after about 200 mles she stopped leaking, had to pull on the plug a little with some needle nose pliars to kinda get synthetic loose enough to get out. Was going to try the silicone but was told by many it wont last, So far so good been a couple months and a few k"s later. Good luck