95 Big Bore upgrade

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by CalgaryBikeBum, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Hi guys;
    I"m doing the Screaming Eagle 95" upgrade with new cams etc. I am doing all the work myself cause that's the way I am. LOL I have engine out (built a stand for it for bench) have stripped it down to lower cases and rods. Did all my black wrinkle paint prior to stripping so that overspray wouldn't be a chore as I am putting the full chrome dressup kit on . So now the questions. I put the screaming eagle cylinder studs in . They sure screw in lightly? They come with locktite already applied so letting them sit for a day before putting jugs on and new pistons and rings. They don't mention in manual using any kind of sealants other then for certain bolts on the primary? Do i put the gaskets all in as they come or should i consider some kind of extra sealant?
    I have bought all the cam tools for the twin cam engine so if anyone in the Calgary / Canada area wants to rent them later at a reasonable rent I will have them available. :) The trans I was going to only put a new seals and spacer on but now that its almost all the way stripped down I was wondering if I should pull the assy out and check for any problems? I bought a excellent video on rebuilding the 5 speed on ebay and its has a great tutorial? Any suggestions? Lastly I will paint my tins and I should be rolling in a month or 2 if weather is ready.
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    No. Don't use any sealant other than where the HD Service Manual says (back of the primary and those bolts). If you split the case (see below) you probably need some there, but I would need to go back and check the book.

    As far into this as you seem to be, have you thought about splitting the case and having the crankshaft trued, crank pin TIG welded and the the shaft trued again? Reason I ask is that you seem to be doing the work to make the bike more aggressive, and I am sure you have heard the concern about pinion shaft runout and all the problems that stem from that.

    How are you gonna drive the cam shafts? If you are sticking with chain drive, consider the roller chain up-grade. If you are gonna go gear drive, see the first paragraph. At least measure the runout if you are not gonna do the above, and let that help decide the cam drive system.

    Doing anything this the heads?

    If you are gonna pull the guts out of the tranny, have you considered a 6-spd gear set?

    What are you doing for fuel management when you are done with all the up-grades?

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    Hi TQ;
    Thanks for the reply. I am going moderately agressive. I actually had some HI domes and a SE 257 cam that I got cheap but decided to buy the big bore kit from HD go to 95" keep heads stock , use the mild cam therefore avoiding the roller rockers (more the associated cost) etc etc ad nauseum? I thought about it for a long time before I decided I wanted something that had more ummphhhhfff but was not so hopped up as to be a pain in the butt. I got friendes with 113 etc that seem to be forever trying to keep it running. I want to ride not race. They all go plenty fast enough to kill yah. HAHAHAH Besides , mine was a stock 88 police bike and on a roll on it kept right up with a few of the factory 96" so go figure. I'm a big guy (6'7" and 310 lbs)and wanted the extra cubes. When I ride alone i'm still like two up. LOL I bought all the cam tools so whenever i feel like it i can service the cams and change them. I spent enough by the time I get her painted. Maybe in a few years I will do it again. As for fuel management, well???? This ones a carb which I don't mind so much but actually do prefer FI. I may just buy an after market unit in a year or so when i have more dough or play with one of those Mini Squirt units that let you build your own??? I"m pretty handy with that stuff? Any suggestions? As for now? I think I may keep this bike for a long time? I love the Roadkings . They look like I think all Harleys should. If I wanted a dash i would get a car or a Honda? LOL (sorry to all the All out dresser riders)