93 octane pure gas

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    I was looking at pure-gas.org a couple of weeks ago and found a station (the only one in this area) that has 93 octane ethanol free gas. I am now on the second tank and the bike doesn't run any differently than normal but does seem to run a little cooler. Anybody else notice this. This could actually be my imagination or wishful thinking.
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    Locally we have 89 octane alcohol free gas, I have used it and my bike likes it:s

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    friend of mine owns a husqvarna dealership and husky required him to take samples from all the local gas stations and send them in to them.the results were most interesting 87 octane had %10,89 octane was around %6,93 octane was %0 i inquired as to why, what i found was ethanol shortens the self life of the gas a good bit they sell enough 87 and 89 before it goes bad but to use ethanol in 93 octane they would have to spend money on fuel stabilizer its cheaper for them to not put the ethanol in the 93 now this test was done in the upstate of sunny South Carolina i have no idea if this is common practice across the states
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    I am really surprised. You should have felt (at least I do) a big increase in performance.
    I assume you ran WOT a bunch of times and the tank was near empty when you filled it up..

    I wonder if the alcohol has been removed from the fuel you purchased but the methyl tert-butyl ether was never put back in.
    I could see them doing something like that and then just calling it ethanol free gasoline.
    Sure,, it's ethanol free but it's also MTBE free.
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    Hey Hoople,

    It's now just on the second tank, the first was ~ 1/4 remaining of ethanol fuel. I did notice it's somewhat cooler. Been raining here since I tanked her up. I am going to try to use only that for awhile to see if I notice performance differences. Thanks!!
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    Years ago, on the road to Sturgis, I bought a similar high octane, pure gas. I found it made my Sportster a bit zippier, and I got a few more miles per gallon on that tank. I did not notice it running cooler, but heat was not a problem. I would use it again if I could find more around home.

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