92 fxr idles but breakes up really bad when driving loss of power

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by hardtail1969, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. hardtail1969

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    not sure what happened,ran great last november,the bike has fresh gas,i took off the rocker covers and had them powder coated,so has all new gaskets,bike does idle,and did rev up several times,got down the road maybe a hundred yards,then started breaking up,bike still idled,but everytime i started to let the clutch out,it just broke up and major loss of power,any ideas?
  2. ultrat

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    did u bump some wires loose w/ u had tank off...a thought''''' & welcome././.
  3. TQuentin1

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    Assumin' fairly stock? Keihin CV40? Stock ignition? VOES?

    I would check out this stuff in this order:
    1. Bad gas - get a flashlight and peek in the tank
    2. Drain some gas from the floatbowl and see how it looks
    3. Drop the floatbowl and clean it out
    4. Drain the tank, remove petcock and clean screen
    5. Remove and clean mating surfaces of both ends of both battery cables
    6. Replace plug wires and plugs
    7. Replace the vacuum hose on the VOES
    8. Check for intake leaks (see self-help pages)

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Sounds like fuel is not getting enough to carb.... Just enough for Idle and not enough for higher... If you can keep it running with a spray bottle of gas with air filter off it is just that... Could be varnish or dirt in carb float bowl needle seat, or the tank.

    Careful with raw gas and backfires... have fire protection near and Ready.

  5. fin_676

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    I think TQ has coverd most of it but may also be a diaphram problem so if still a problem once all else is checked you may need to pull the top of the carb and check the diaphram for holes as its tricky to get it to sit right on reinstall id leave it till the last check

  6. Jack Klarich

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    If you look between the cylinders at the carb you should see a screw, that will drain the float bowl so you can test the gas and you wont have a mess when you remove the float bowl:)
  7. HDDon

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    Do you still have the vacuum pet cock? Is there an inline fuel filter? This is a gas problem and you need to check from the tank to the carb before you open the carb up. Make sure that the flow from the tank to the carb is not being obstructed and than go with the float bowl and make sure that something has not plugged the low or high speed jets.
  8. murf

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    I would also check to see if you didn't get too much powder at edges of rocker boxes and the new gaskets aren't sealing. I do powder coating in my home and I wipe the edges of the gasket surfaces prior to baking so you get good sealing after.
  9. FXRDaddy

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    If you have not got this issue fixed yet you might try replacing the Gas Cap.

    Sounds really simple but when I bought My FXR I got maybe 3 blocks down the road and it started doing the same thing you are talking about.
    Took it back to HD and they kept it for about a week and said the couldnt figure it out.
    They gave it back to me and it did it again so I told them they need to figure the issue out
    They got ahold of the Previous owner who was a Tec for them and he said it needs a new Gas Cap they replaced it and it fixed the issue.
    Just a cheap Fix if the issue persists.
  10. rappidtrac

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    I went through the same (EDIT) with my FXR4.Drain the tank,take out the pet cock,clean the screen replace the o-rings & new fuel.Simple but effective.
    Good luck and a easy fix.

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