89 Top end rebuild and questions 1 and 2

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  1. dvndogbagger

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    The middle rear rocker is now leaking, and the rocker seems wider than the upper and middle. The new gasket is rubber and smaller than the black rubber one I took out. Should I go cork? Or just go with new rockers?

    Also when I lit the motor up and fired right up and sounded great even after I rebuilt the whole S&S Carb, but there was a puddle of oil under the overflow breather. Is this normal too?

    Thanks for all your help
  2. Jack Klarich

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    So the rocker covers have shifted during assembly? Are you using a manual and torque sequence? Try cosmetic gaskets. I assume this is an EVO, if so has it sat for a while and maybe the check ball in the oil pump has stuck and flooded the case with oil? Check the self help section for tips on rocker boxes and reseating the check ball
  3. Breeze3at

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    There were a couple of "upgrades" to the evo rocker boxes through the years. It's possible you have a mismatch. Or, you may have done what I did last month and tightened down the rocker box assembly without carefully aligning all 3 pieces to each other. Mine is not leaking (yet) but it bothers me when I look at it. I would not use cork, it hardens with heat cycles and oil soak. Like Jack said Cometec are probably the best gaskets. About the oil, if your bike is an '89 and has the oil tank on the right side, sumping while sitting is common. It may not do it during riding season. If it does, there's several tips in the self help section. OR we will be happy to offer our opinions. :coffee
  4. dvndogbagger

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    Thanks fella's, will try the cometics. I used them for the bases, they are a nice gasket.