883L - 2 up or not 2 up?

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    I recently got an '07 883L and my wife is keen to ride pillion. Thing is, I've heard some people say that the 883L is not good for two up riding and that the stock shocks are next to useless, even when adjusted. Anyone got any advice out there?
  2. glider

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    You pretty much hit it on the head with your conclusions for riding 2 up. The dyna family is more suited for 2 up riding with any type of comfort. You can always trade up and get the full value for the sportster back at most dealers.
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    Definitely want a heartier frame/seat for 2-up & heed glider's advice w/trade-up. HD has some good incentives for getting into a different ride & you might get lucky by finding a nice 09 carry-over.

    My 05 XL1200C was pretty much a solo riding machine & most passengers could only stand to ride ~50 miles w/o stopping for a stretch. This would be similar w/your 883L (frame, shocks, etc.). IMO, if you wife likes to go for rides - time to UG into a better fit bike for 2-up riding.
  4. Iceman24

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    Unless yours has the "Hobbit" re-build option...:s

    RAWLDYMAN Active Member

    Hear what you're saying guys but upgrade not on for the present due to the times. Anyway, thing is, we'd only be going short rides - not long trips. We're both small in stature (I'm 160lbs, she's about 130lbs) so I hope if I can get something sorted with the shocks (which I'm told is a must) we'll give it a go.
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    Understand...I did adjust my Sportster's suspension to allow for added passenger & there should be guidance on this in your Owner's Manual. Also, might want to check into after-market rear suspension kit. Never had to replace stock shocks on my bikes so you'll have to set a budget on parts - installation's the easy/fun part.
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    A friend and his wife about the same sizes as you guys ride his '06 883 low 2 up all the time. They have a great time and have had no problems far as I know. All stock but the turn signals on the back.
    Have fun.

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    strictly my opinion.......

    JUST NOTCH THE REAR SHOCKS UP TO MAXIMUM AND GIVE IT A TRY..... a special spanner wrench is needed and a simple LOOK to see where the shocks are set now.... riding 2-up needs the shocks BOTH at maximum setting.(L&R shock always set in MATCHED position)

    THE 883 WILL TAKE YOU AND WIFE ANY WHERE YOU WANT TO GO..... you and wife not being HUGE is a bonus.... AND short rides like said will do fine....

    THE SEAT will have a lot to do with the ride........ more padding is nice, I bought a MUSTANG seat and BOTH were HAPPIER

    YEP, IT'S AN 883 AND THE GEARING SHOULD BE JUST FINE FOR ALL AROUND TWO-UP RIDING.... being a LOW is what I'm concerned about... I never had a LOW bike.... IS IT possible to RAISE your LOW bike to STOCK height? IT WILL RIDE BETTER two-up....... or is it needed LOW for you?

    I had a 1995 883 (standard height) on which MY wife and I rode 2 up weight 350# and a good seat (above) ... Totaling Several thousand miles, in a couple of years, JUST FINE......

    I did ADD heavier shocks (progressive) noticed a better ride when two up..... USUALLY the HD shock is pretty hard to beat and the after market doesn't always better them....

    I'd prefer a standard height to the LOW model but you have what you have for now,,,,, so RIDE!

    YOU WILL ENJOY and some day a dyna might be or who knows a ROAD KING... now that's MY TWO-UP BIKE......... AND my preference....

  9. JPHarley

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    I started out my Harley experience with an 883L. My wife and I rode it without any problems. I did adjust the stock shocks and that smoothed the ride somewhat. I ordered the bike with the Sun-downer seat. I was not very pleased with it as it didn't have much padding and going over railroad tracks would bottom out the seat to where I could feel the frame. Power wise was no problem. I weigh about 145 and the wife is about 135. I did upgrade to a Dyna Lowrider in 09 and it's much more suited to two up riding. More room and much smoother ride. Check out what the folks on here are saying...Harley will put you on a dyna for nothing but a little higher monthly payment I think when you trade the 883 in.
    Good Riddin
    and be safe.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Bubbie has you covered...basically my Sporty is lowered and when I would tension the rears to the max. and give it a try. Yep, on occasion I do bottom the suspension on huge bumps or parking lot speed bumps if I take it a bit too fast. Just take it easy until economics or opportunity allow you to set up the bike just right or change your ride entirely. Yes the Dynas are nice, but by then you may even want to opt to something like a bagger, if the emphisis turns to two-up more often then solo.