85 FXSB No speedo or Odometer working

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by zsoiney, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. zsoiney

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    I have a 85 FXSB Low Rider and my speedo and odometer just stopped working. I have checked the cable and it seems fine but get nothing on the miles or speed. Could the gauge it self break and how could i test this?
  2. fin_676

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    The usual problem with the cable driven systems is the cable inner breaks near the drive unit on the front wheel replace the cable or inner and it is usually good again
    However if the wheel has been off and the tang on the drive unit is not located correctly the drive unit will not turn

  3. zsoiney

    zsoiney New Member

    The cable seemed fine did not look broken unscrewed it and checked reattached it and ran it with no luck. Is there some thing in the wheel hub that could possibly break? I changed the cable about 2 years ago now same thing happened but was the cable and an easy fix. This one can not figure out
  4. stray dog

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    I would check the cable again. From one side or the other the inner cable should slide completely out to see if broken.
    If good, leave cable off and roll bike to see if the female end at the wheel is turning, if so put the cable in it and do it again with slight finger and thumb pressure. Only one thing left after that. You can attach cable to speedo and turn with drill also.