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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by 60panhead, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. 60panhead

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    Hello, I'm the new dude, I have an 84 FLH with some wiring issues that I have pieced together over the years and am going to address once and for all. Should I just do a simple rewire, or get a factory style harness and do an OEM wire job? The short cut would be alot easier, but with the handlebar controles and lights and such the OEM harness might be a better way to go. What do ya think?
  2. Hoople

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    I would go with a High Quality pre-wired harness. It is a pretty big job and to really do it right you need high quality tools/ crimp ends/ plugs & sockets and pre tinned, high density stranded wire which you won't find everywhere.
  3. bikerdad

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    I do electrical work for a living and have all the tools, wire, and resources necessary to wire a bike. With this said, I would still buy a factory harness. The job would come out neater and more reliable. Intermittant electrical problems down the road will make you crazy.
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    built wrecked bikes much nicer go w/ oem harness.....
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    I don't think that if you built your own harness you would have any problems, I build mine and never have any problems, but the nice thing about a complete wire harness is it has the turn signal cancellation built into it and also some of them have a function for trouble shooting. A really really nice quality one is a Thunderheart system, you could also go on Jireh Cycles and get there harness, I did one from them for a friend on his bike and it was actually a nice unit. And I think it was around 150.00.