74 Sporty Front Brake problem

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by tonya2237, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. tonya2237

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    My 74 Sportster front brake will not bleed properly. I have tried a rebuild kit and it seems like the master cylinder will not build up pressure. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Rich.
  2. jel123

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    I had a 73 and i allways had a hard time bleeding the front the best way i found to do it was take off the caliper put a shim between the pads hten raise the caliber higher than the bars and when you pull the lever pull slow it worked for me,jel
  3. fin_676

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    if the angle of the bars does not put the master cylinder at the highest point then its difficult to get the fluid in and the air out as the air collects at the highest point
    as jel said lifting the calliper above the bars will help but at times I'm lazy
    so i just put the fluid in at the calliper and push it up forces the air bubble out through the master cylinder
    use a large syringe with some plastic pipe on it
    fill syringe fit brake fluid place other end of pipe on bleed nipple open bleed nipple depress the plunger on syringe pushes the brake fluid in from calliper and up the brake hose
    ensure that master cylinder cover is loosely fitted to stop splash of brake fluid getting on paintwork

  4. glider

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